Aaron Francis admitted he had 'smelly bits' in a hilarious male grooming advert before Love Island fame

A LOVE Island contestant admitted he had “smelly balls” in a hilarious advert for testicle trimmers.

Just a few months before he was set to enter the villa, Aaron Francis, 24, said in an ad his smooth balls were thanks to the shaver that leaves you with “beautiful shining balls.”

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The self confessed ladies man, and smooth operator is a luxury events host and his job has allowed him to meet celebs and royals including Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie.

On his YouTube channel the hunk from London even tells his 1,000 subscribers how to use the £45 grooming product with SafeSack technology.

He says: “Before I had a balls trimmer I used to have smelly balls all the times.”

The waterproof trimmer claims to help stop snicks and cuts, and gives a clean shave. 

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He demonstrates how well it works using a coconut – and says it is perfect to use in the shower. 

Pals told The Sun Aaron was a hit with the ladies while attending the University of Birmingham, and would often have a different girl on his arm most nights.

They said: “He was a promo guy for some of the clubs in Birmingham, and also the university. He was a ticket seller and that’s how he would pick up girls.” 

On his channel he has also previously promoted other grooming products for men including a beard trimmer, and male pedicure machine. 

Speaking to viewers he said “keeping it clean down for some reason it’s just so embarrassing for us guys.

Using hashtags #howtoshaveyourpubes he says he wants to normalise men’s grooming, in the hope gents can talk as openly about it as much as women do. 

In the clip it shows Aaron shaving his pubes using the trimmer, in a shot with his ripped six pack, and said he feels “fresh and free” after cleaning himself up. 

Meanwhile, he told The Sun he hasn't ruled out having sex in the villa.

But he's keen to find his "future wife" on the show.

Aaron continued: "I would like to say I wouldn’t go all the way on TV but obviously I don’t know what kind of relationships I am going to get into."

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