Alison Hammond is ‘more confident’ with Dermot OLeary whilst taking on ‘greater responsibility’

Alison Hammond returned to the This Morning sofa on Wednesday alongside Craig Doyle, as her usual co-presenter Dermot O'Leary was off celebrating his 50th birthday.

Body language expert Darren Stanton argued that although Alison is the "stronger presenter" with the role of a "leader" with Craig, she feels "more connected and confident" with Dermot by her side on the couch.

Speaking on behalf of Betfair, Darren said: "Alison is a natural presenter with ITV’s viewers, she’s enticing and knows how to do it well.

"She’s brought in a lot of success for the show, and people do connect with Alison because she’s authentic and never holds herself back from expressing herself.

"It creates trust and a rapport between her and the audience. Viewers feel they have a relationship with Alison. However, she is definitely a lot more confident with Dermot by her side, as they present together a lot more.

"She feels more connected with Dermot. I think she knows that if she does make a mistake, he has the experience to carry it on and pick up the slack. Alison’s body language has changed over the years with This Morning as she now has a greater responsibility. She has a lot of confidence and her and Dermot have a great dynamic on screen."

Discussing how Alison is the "stronger presenter" while hosting alongside Craig, Darren continued: "During the opening moments of the show, Alison touched Craig’s arm as she said, ‘It’s really good to have you back.’ It’s noticeable that Craig was quite nervous, so it was a nice gesture for Alison to do on screen.

"He was quite jittery when he was speaking, so it’s clear Alison made sure to reassure him and put him at ease as much as she can – showing him that they were in it together.

"Craig was often putting his hands in his pockets, which is seen as a signal of reassurance. It’s clear that Craig relies on Alison’s confidence as a leader of the two of them. She is definitely the stronger presenter."

Darren has also argued that Alison is "feeling the pressure" and has been displaying some "awkwardness" following Phillip Schofield's rather abrup t exit from the show.

He explained: "Alison is a very confident woman. She’s been with This Morning for a very long time. However, as Phillip and Holly [Willoughby] have been the main presenters for so long, I think there is a lot of pressure on Alison’s shoulders.

"Whether she is presenting with Craig or Dermot, she appears to be the stronger person in the dynamic – but I can tell she feels the pressure as the most prevalent person in the running.

"When you look at Alison’s presenting, she tends to clasp and lock her hands a lot when she’s reading from the autocue. Then, she will release them, and bring them together again or place them in front.

"These are all pacifying gestures, which is what we do when we feel awkward. Overall, Alison is very confident, but it’s clear she is feeling the pressure now."


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