Always Sunny’s Rob McElhenney spills on motivation for weight transformation

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Season 16 official trailer

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia star Rob McElhenney has admitted he was motivated by the paycheque to get into incredible shape for the latest seasons of the FX comedy.

The sitcom star has recently opened up about being diagnosed with neurodevelopmental disorders and learning disabilities at the age of 46.

Before that, he packed on the pounds for season seven of the hit comedy and then transformed his body again – this time getting ludicrously ripped and athletic – for season 13.

Now the sitcom has reached its 16th season, McElhenney is still as healthy as ever and he credits his salary for helping him stay motivated.

“If you can find a studio who’s willing to pay you what they pay me to make Sunny, you will have a lot more dedication than you think,” he said.

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McElhenney opened up about his experience in a 2020 interview with Men’s Health.

In the video, he jokingly claims anyone can get a body like his – if they completely change their lifestyle and stick to a strict diet and exercise regime.

“Anyone on the planet can do this,” he said.

“First things first, if you have a job, like a 9 to 5 job, – quit that.

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“Now do you like food? Forget about that because you’re never gonna enjoy anything you eat. Alcohol? Sorry that’s out.”

He went on to reveal his personal chef makes him chicken breast for most of his meals and he had the personal trainer from the Magic Mike films take him to the gym at least twice a day.

The Always Sunny star also admitted he spent time away from his wife Kaitlin Olson and their two kids to get jacked.

McElhenney isn’t quite as shredded as he was before, prompting one fan to comment “WHERE ARE THE ABS ROB?!?” below one of his shirtless Instagram snaps.

“I’m going to give you a little lesson in biology – the abs are always there,” he replied snarkily.

“They’re in there, they’re just behind a bunch of tacos and tequila. I was enjoying myself on vacation.”

McElhenney will soon be reuniting with Ryan Reynolds for the second season of Welcome to Wrexham, and the 16th season of Always Sunny will be wrapping up next week.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is available to stream on Netflix.

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