Alya dies in Coronation Street as she is stabbed in horror attack tonight?

Alya Nazir (Sair Khan) finds herself in danger once more during tonight’s Coronation Street, as Max Turner’s (Paddy Bever) old school bully, Blake, heads into Speed Daal holding a knife.

It’s established that Blake has been absorbing the same right-wing views as Max and, fired up with hatred, he decides to begin a live-stream outside the restaurant, revealing his intent to disrupt the event.

As Max watches the video from home, he sees Blake reveal a knife and establishes the teen is going to target Maria (Samia Longchambon).

Racing over to Speed Daal, Max is blocked from entering by Gary (Mikey North), leaving him to watch from the doorway as Blake runs towards Maria holding the weapon.

When Alya spots what is happening, she jumps in front of Blake and ends up being stabbed in the stomach.

With Gary and Daryan (Twana Omer) trying to get a hold of Blake, Alya is rushed to hospital for a life-saving operation, but will she live?

The attack marks the climax of the recent storyline which has highlighted the grooming of disenfranchised and impressionable young men. 

Max was befriended by Griff (Michael Condron) a few months ago and, as he became more isolated from his friends and family, believed that the extremist gang were the only people who accepted him for who he is.

When Max realised the true nature of Griff’s actions, he alerted the residents to a bomb planted in Speed Daal’s van and Alya saved dozens of lives when she drove the van away from the street.

The trouble continues for Max this week, as he’s arrested after Blake makes it clear that it was his propaganda videos that inspired him to carry out the attack.

As Max attempts to come to terms with the consequences of his actions, he faces a lengthy jail sentence for incitement to commit murder.

Reflecting on the storyline, Producer Iain Macleod said: ‘We are exploring a very 21st Century problem: teenagers self-radicalising through watching extreme content online.

‘In the end, we wanted this to be a story about communication within families – what are the right and wrong ways to talk to younger family members who are gravitating towards extreme views?’

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