'Angel' cast remembers Glenn Quinn and Andy Hallett, costars who died

At EW’s Angel cover reunion shoot, there was plenty of joyful reminiscing about happy days on set — mostly due to the show’s star David Boreanaz being a total prankster — but the cast and creators also took a moment to pay their respects to two actors from the show who have since passed: Glenn Quinn and Andy Hallett.

When Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel creator Joss Whedon saw Hallett performing in a karaoke bar, he dreamed up the part of the singing demon Lorne. “Joss created this idea of a bon vivant who could read people’s minds when they sang,” says the series’ co-creator David Greenwalt of the green-skinned, devil-horned charmer. “We interviewed Andy because he was who [the character] was based on, and he was the best of anybody who read for it.”

Like his character, Hallett easily won over his costars. “He brought so much to the table,” says J. August Richards who played street-smart vamp hunter on the show. “He was the life of the party and made us all laugh. He was a beautiful man.” Hallett died in 2009 at age 33 from heart failure.

Sadly, that wasn’t the first loss the cast endured. Quinn, who played the half-demon Doyle during the first season — and was familiar to Roseanne fans as Becky’s husband, Mark — died of a heroin overdose in 2002 at age 32. “Glenn played a great character, but also became a really close friend of mine,” says Boreanaz. “God rest his soul.”

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