Antiques Road Trip expert gobsmacked as lily of the valley brooch makes massive profit

Antiques Road Trip: Stunning brooch earns profit of £70

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As Catherine Southon and Serhat Ahmet continued their Antiques Road Trip journey from Norfolk to Northamptonshire, the pair searched for hidden treasures which could make them the most money when going to auction. During one of their stops, Catherine stumbled upon a Lily of the Valley brooch, which left her stunned when sold at auction.  

Finding the brooch early on, Catherine exclaimed: “That’s cheap! £27 for that brooch, it is a Lily of the Valley enamel brooch with this kind of diamante on it.

“It looks like it is Danish, but it is not, it is an English piece, the pin looks nice and original, and it has a nice clear registration mark on the back.

“It’s date 1912, 1913, AJS are the makers initials, I don’t know AJS,” she questioned with the voiceover explaining it belonged to Arthur Johnson Smith, a Birmingham silversmith.

Catherine continued: “I think I will have that if Serhat can buy porcelain, I can buy brooches.”

“Hello Ian, it’s me again, I found something else, so I have two items now, the ladies watch which we’ve got £80 on, and then I found this little enamel brooch which was quite cute,” she explained to the seller.

“You have 27 on it, would you take 15 on that?” she asked to which Ian agreed, leaving Catherine happy with her purchase.

Along their trip, Catherine also managed to pick up a bullhead meat platter, an autograph book with sketches in and a WW1 periscope.

She told the owner: “I’m going, to be honest with you, I only have £50.68, that’s it, so if you can do one, two, three.”

Owner Marcus explained: “I bought the autograph sketchbooks quite well, one can be £20, the bull we’ve had that quite a while that can be £10.

“And the periscope in the canvas case I would do it for the rest of your money.”

Catherine exclaimed: “Wonderful, that is incredible.”

The brooch was bought for £15 and, when it first came up in the auction, got off to a flying start and began at £40.

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Impressed with the price of the brooch, in the beginning, Catherine turned to Serhat and shouted: “Yes!”

As the brooch began to climb in price, Serhat was bewildered at what he was hearing and told Catherine: “This is flying!”

She giggled at his comment and said: “I’d be happy with 30 that’s very good!”

In the end, the brooch was sold for £85, to which Serhat said: “I know I shouldn’t be so pleased for you, but I really am.”

Catherine laughed: “Oh god, I’m really please on that one, it was in immaculate condition.”

“It deserved it, nice work,” Serhat said, congratulating Catherine.

At the beginning of the day, Serhat started with £153 and ended the day with £345.94 giving him a large profit for the finale day of antiquing.

However, Catherine blew past Serhat’s profit as she started the day with £145.68 and ended with £883.14 pushing her way into the lead.

As the pair drove off, Catherine shouted in excitement: “We got money!” to which Serhat replied: “Can you believe it!!”

 Antiques Road Trip is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.
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