Antiques Roadshow guest stunned by value of most expensive table in show’s history after bagging it for bargain price

AN ANTIQUES Roadshow guest was left stunned by a record-breaking valuation for a marble table that he picked up for a bargain price. 

Expert Marc Allum told the shocked owner of the ornate piece it was one of the most expensive items ever to be seen on the BBC programme. 

Discussing the piece, the owner said he had picked it up in an American online auction and it cost him £7,000 at the time. 

After casting his expert eye over the incredible Chinese table, Marc told the audience it was a tricky piece to price up. 

He said: “A console table came up for auction a few years ago but it had no platform base on it, was missing its top and it wasn’t in brilliant condition and it made £55,000. 

“What we have here is something we can’t totally pin down but it’s an awful lot better than the £55,000 one.”

Marc continued explaining more about the table: “It’s bigger, it’s more complete. To me, it’s better quality. I might suggest to you if we put it in a really good auction, somewhere like Hong Kong, for instance, in a very specialised oriental sale, that a table like this could make £80,000 to £120,000.”

Stunned by the impressive figure, the owner simply responded: “That’s nice.”

Last night’s show, hosted by Fiona Bruce, saw the team of experts set up base at Culzean Castle in South Ayrshire. 

During last week's Antiques Roadshow, guests were left shocked when one of the experts refused to value their grandad's World War Two medal – for harrowing reasons.

The owner of the war memorabilia appeared on the BBC programme with her daughter, but the pair did not get the usual monetary evaluation.

Antiques expert Mark Smith, who specialises in war medals, told the pair it was actually a 10th-anniversary medal to mark the liberation of concentration camps.

Mark explained they were given to people, Belgians who had been in concentration camps. He revealed the medal actually shows a prisoner wearing a concentration camp uniform on it.

Mark went on: “But on the back, this bit in the middle is a triangle with a B and that is the badge that was sown on the concentration camp uniform to show that you were Belgian, it could have a P for Polish."

Mark added: “Now we always give you a valuation of the Antiques Roadshow – but we don’t give valuations to Holocaust things because there is no price you can put on what someone went through to be awarded that medal.

“So I can’t tell you what it’s worth but now you know what it is, I hope you think it was worthwhile coming to the Antiques Roadshow.”

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