Are David And Kate From Temptation Island Still Together?

While every couple on Temptation Island has something to resolve in their relationship, David Benavidez and Kate Griffith appeared to be one of the most contentious couples on the reality show’s second season. Not long after arriving on the island, David pursued multiple women at the villa, and he eventually left the island with Toneata, one of the Season 2 singles. And during the final bonfire, Kate laid into David about how she deserved better than his deceptive behavior.

“What I should have trusted was my gut instinct that you weren’t trustworthy,” Kate told David at the final Temptation Island bonfire, following his descriptions of the physical activity he’d engaged in with Samantha, Payton, and Toneata. She proceeded to tell him she wanted to leave the island alone. Fans praised Kate for telling David off — only to be shocked when the couple was back together again during the Season 2 reunion episode. So, are Kate and David still together now? Here’s what they’ve been up to since the 2019 cast reunion.

Kate Griffith has a new man in her life

Kate and David got back together after their time on Temptation Island, but they’ve since broken up once again. Since then, Kate has shared on Instagram that she has a new boyfriend, and they’re super happy together. Kate’s boyfriend, Anand Sukhadia, is the founder of in Jersey City, which describes itself as a “modern recovery spa.” It turns out, the couple met when Kate was a client at the spa!

“I met at -320 degrees, while I was standing in Whole Body Cryotherapy Chamber @omlifewellness … all that I remember was he was pure sunshine, & if you’ve ever stood in -320 degrees sunshine is exactly what you need. I have no idea what either of us said, I just remember how he made me feel,” Kate wrote in an Instagram post in February 2021. “Thank you for each day after reminding me what it feels to be important, supported, trusted, & loved.”

As for what David’s been up to, it’s harder to say; his Instagram account is private. But it doesn’t look like he and Kate are in each other’s lives anymore.

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