Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis Sing 'La Vaca Lola' for Their Kids in Adorable Family Video

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are happy to put on a kitchen concert for their kids.

The parents of two broke out into a rendition of popular children’s song “La Vaca Lola” in a video Kutcher posted on Instagram. The black and white clip stars off with Kutcher, 41, singing the first line of the song before Kunis, 35, joins in and they finish out the verse together.

“A kutcher’s sing along,” Kutcher captioned the video, where their kids can be heard playing in the background as they sing.

The former That ’70s Show costars married back in July 2015, with Kunis giving birth to their daughter a year later. The couple now shares two children, Wyatt, 4, and Dimitri, 2.

Though the two are typically private about their home life, they sometimes share tidbits on Instagram. But the two keep their children out of the spotlight and have yet to post a picture of them on social media.

In the last video Kutcher posted, the stars hilariously responded to a tabloid report that they split, with Kunis and Kutcher showing off a photo of a recent cover of In Touch Weekly that declared “It’s over.”

In the video, Kutcher asks, “Babe, what’s happening? What’s going on?” Responding, Kunis shows the cover and reports back, “It’s over between us.”

Jokes Kutcher, “Oh my God, what are we going to do?” while Kunis teases, “I felt suffocated.”

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“You felt suffocated by me? I was just so overbearing, wasn’t I?” Kutcher responds.

“Also, I took the kids” Kunis, 35, deadpans to her husband as she reads the tabloid report. “You had a dark secret exposed.”

“You got the kids? I don’t get the kids?!” he asks. “What was the dark secret?” When Kunis says she doesn’t know, he adds “it must have been really dark.”

The adorable couple was destined to be together since Kutcher was Kunis’ first kiss on That ’70s Show. Kunis was only 14 when she was cast, while Kutcher was 19.

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