Audie Cornish Joins CNN+ As Anchor And Correspondent

Audie Cornish, who just last week announced her departure from NPR’s All Things Considered, is joining CNN+ as anchor and correspondent.

Cornish will host a weekly show for the network’s subscription streaming service, set to debut in the spring, and will contribute to its live programming. She also will host a new podcast and will appear on CNN covering breaking news.

“There are fresh stories to be told and new ways to tell them,” Cornish said in a statement.

CNN+ will launch in the spring, and will feature shows from Chris Wallace, Anderson Cooper and Kasie Hunt, among others. Cornish will be based in Washington and will start in February.

Cornish has been with NPR since 2005 on the national desk, and joined the politics team in 2008. She was named host of Weekend Edition Sunday in 2011, and then became co-host of All Things Considered in 2012. She won a George Foster Peabody Award for her work with David Isay’s StoryCorps 9/11 Project, among other honors. She also has interviewed Barack Obama and Bruce Springsteen, among other figures.

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Last week, when Cornish announced that she would leaving at the end of the week, her All Things Considered co-host, Ari Shapiro, expressed his consternation over the recent loss of so many diverse voices on NPR. “If NPR doesn’t see this as a crisis, I don’t know what it’ll take,” he wrote. Among those who also have departed are Lourdes Garcia-Navarro, Noel King and Michele Norris.

Cornish tweeted afterward, “It seems my assumption that I would have a quiet transition was naïve. So I will attempt to provide whatever insight I can… using language the internet understands lol.”

She added, “Every single word of my announcement is true. I am leaving of my own accord with no malice or resentment. I have had a great run with a company full of people I respect and admire. And I am ready to try something new. I also understand that 4 hosts leaving in a year – three of them POC women– is a red flag as my co host @arishapiro underscored earlier this week. I appreciate him taking it upon himself to raise it.

“I can’t speak for all POC – but I want to be clear. I do not have to. Our experiences at the company vary and there are some common threads. A number of people have been waving their hands in the air trying to draw attention to them. check the threads. they are not hiding! Moreover some of these issues permeate the public media system – yes stations AND yes your favorite podcast companies that have sprung from that system. While the media reporting on this has been to treat each as a problem in isolation that is not the case. My path through public media and frankly journalism has of course not been all roses. There have been many many times when I was the only person of color ‘on the campaign bus’ ‘at the press conference’ ‘at the table’ ‘on the Sunday show’ and all that entails.”

“Ove[r] the years that has changed and for the better! There are many amazing talented black and brown people in front of the camera/mic, in high profile gigs, are executives and more. The flipside is that plenty of voices are speaking out about the work that still needs to be done. Call them! Yes this is for you media reporters. It’s also for public media managers, podcast companies and news media companies dipping into audio. Trust, you have the same issues brewing (pay equity, cultural exclusion, problems of recruitment and retention). You are not immune and you are not doing all that much better. The people who are speaking out are not “trouble makers”. They care deeply about the companies where they work. They WANT to stay. They want to make things better.

“In the meantime I gotta take care of these little kids for a bit. Throw some snow balls. Prepare to announce what I have in store next. It’s a good thing. promise.”


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