Bachelorette Katie Thurston's Aunt Lindsey apologizes for 'f**king up' niece's fiance Blake Moynes by grilling him on TV

BACHELORETTE star Katie Thurston's Aunt Lindsey apologized for "f**king up" her niece's fiance Blake Moynes.

When Katie took Blake to meet her mom and aunt on the show, she grilled him and things.

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Katie shared a screengrab from her text messages, tweeting: " Family group chat with Aunt Lindsey #TheBachelorette."

The texts read: "I legit feel like I owe this kid an apology. Did I f**k him up so bad you had to take him to an energy healer?"

Then another family member, Sam, replied: "He handled you and still liked Katie afterward, that's good.

"LOL, don't apologize for being yourself. You asked serious questions that needed to be asked.

"Plus, out of all of the guys he seems like the one who could handle our family."

Katie's Aunt Lindsey told Blake when they first met: "I do not think they realize the logistics of their situation.

"What made you want to go on this season after you flunked out of the last one?" her aunt asked Blake directly.

"I do want approval from you," Blake said to Katie's aunt. Lindsey snorted.

"You ultimately mean nothing. You better be secure as f–k coming into our family because at the end of the day, you're here because we want you here, not because we need you here," Lindsey said.

"You can survive on your own, and we don't put ourselves in a position where we have to rely on a male. If we invite you in, you are so lucky," Katie's mom told her daughter.

Katie, 30, and Blake, 30, appeared on Jimmy Kimmel after their shocking final episode that ended in a proposal.

David Spade took over the evening as a guest host and played the "Newly Engaged Game" with the new fiances.

The comedian asked the pair about their eye colors, favorite foods, best friends, and their biggest phobias.

The game became more intimate when David asked the "grand finale" question about Katie and Blake's sex life.

"Over the course of your short-ish relationship how many times have you made whoopie?" he asked.

"Your answer has to be less than 100 off," he joked, adding: "Make sex and making love both count."

After a tense moment, Katie displayed her answer first, as she claimed they've been together intimately "43 times."

"No chance!" David shouted in response, saying: "I hope that vibrator is in the trash."

Blake then revealed his own answer which read "30" and the crowd broke out in laughter at the raunchy game.

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