BBC News: Steph McGovern shocked as co-host ‘ignores’ her live on air

BBC Breakfast returned this morning for the final weekday instalment of the news programme and presenting the show was Charlie Stayt and Steph McGovern. 

Throughout the morning they crossed over to Mike Bushell, who was live in Liverpool ahead of the netball World Cup which starts today. 

However, during one segment, Mike had got himself so involved with the game he ignored Steph, and the presenter was quick to let him know. 

“Where’s a ball?” the sports reporter remarked. “I’ve got to have one more go. I still can’t get the ball in.” 

He then turned to the netball players practising drills behind him and asked: “Can I borrow a ball?” 

Joining him on the court was Ama Agbeze, a England’s former netball captain who had previously been interviewed about the UK’s chances of winning the World Cup. 

“So, coaching wise, it’s really about – I know I’ve got a microphone in my hand – but bending down,” Mike asked Ama. 

She replied and demonstrated: “Yes and then if your flick the ball up and over.” 

Before taking a shot, Mike rattled off the upcoming fixtures for the tournament: “Ok, let me just tell you England play Uganda, Scotland v Somoa, but first Northern Ireland v Australia today and the BBC joins the coverage on Monday for the second stage. You might have to wait a while for this to go in…” 

Mike then attempted to have another go and still missed, he remarked: “One handed! How long have I got? Third time lucky?

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“Look, Steph and Charlie take it away, I think we might be here until Christmas!” he added crossing back over to the studio. 

Steph commented: “I love the fact you are getting coaching tips and then completely ignoring them! If fact, he’s even ignoring us now!” 

Adding to the conversation, Charlie added: “I also think it is the level of strenuous activity that has steamed up our camera lens there. It’s Mike’s exertions.” 

Those watching the netball segment at home had had to do so with a small circle of steam on the camera lens. 

Joking around, Steph added: “Yes, his heavy breathing isn’t it? 

“Something like that,” Charlie remarked before continuing with the show. 

Those watching at home took to Twitter to discuss the segment and one said: “@mikebreakast you always make me smile!! I also there my arms up in the air when you made the net hahah #bbcbreakfast #netball #netballworldcup.” 

“@mikebreakfast @bbcbreakfast loving the piece about Netball xx The camera is a bit misty xx,” someone else chimed. 

It comes after yesterday’s show when viewers tuned in to see Steph accuse Carol Kirkwood of “flirting” her way around Wimbledon. 

BBC Breakfast airs everyday at 6am on BBC One. 

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