BBC News viewers gobsmacked as reporter drops F-bomb live on air in huge blunder

BBC News has been left in turmoil after accidentally airing a clip of a presenter swearing.

On Thursday (August 10), news anchor Matthew Amroliwala was hosting the 24-hour channel and was giving an update on the data breach from the police in Northern Ireland.

He then turned to journalist Charlotte Gallagher, who is based in Northern Ireland, to give more context.

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But a technical glitch meant that Charlotte, who has been the BBC's flagship reporter on the scandal where hundreds of names of officers were leaked, could not be seen.

Trying to rescue the link, Matthew apologised for the mishap saying: "We can't bring you that clip, but our correspondent Charlotte Gallagher has this report".

The feed then cut to Charlotte who was in the BBC's newsroom in Belfast.

She started explaining more about the data breach for the viewing public, but then seemed to trip on her words.

But viewers soon grasped that clip was not the finished report they were showing, as she stumbled again and got frustrated.

She then launched into a mild rant: "I can't get my words out…f***".

Charlotte then rolled her tongue over her teeth as she tried to start again, but was quickly cut back to the studio.

Matthew, left in shock, tried to salvage the story: "Well apologies there for that confusion, that was our correspondent Charlotte Gallagher.

"She's been monitoring what's been happening there at that news conference. We will get more on that here in the next little while".

Viewers could not believe what they were hearing, with many taking to social media to vent their opinions.

One user tweeted their disbelief: "Oh no… out-takes making it to air".

Another speculated what was happening at the broadcaster, writing: "Been a few of these technical issues on the Beeb recently. I wonder what's going wrong".

But a third took pity on the situation, praising both reporters for trying to carry on.

"Bless her – bet she was mortified when she realised that had gone out! Michael, cool under pressure as ever".

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