BBC The Traitors fans work out winner as the finalists are unveiled in double exit

BBC The Traitors fans were left gripped to their television screens on Wednesday night as the show's finalists were revealed after a "brutal" double exit.

During the latest episode, the contestants learnt that "faithful" Andrea had been eliminated and in a flashback to the night before, it showed "traitor" Wilfred and new "traitor" Kieran deciding to eliminate her.

Viewers will recall that the show's "faithfuls" will be eliminated as they are "killed off" by their unknown enemies the "traitors".

Making their decision, Wilfred said: "For me, Andrea's the one. She could possibly win this if she stays in. She's not going to get the votes around the table."

It then showed Andrea realising she was eliminated as she sat down and read out loud a letter, saying: "By order of the Traitors, you have been murdered, signed by the Traitors, cross, cross, cross. There we are, that's it," as she broke down in tears.

Upon learning the news, Wilfred joined his contestants and pretended to be shocked as he added in a VT: "I love Andrea so much and I made that decision but the more I feel guilty, if I show it too much on my face, they're going to know."

And this wasn't the only exit of the night as later on the contestants all had to vote who they thought was the "traitor" with Maddy being wrongly picked and eliminated.

Revealing whether she was a "traitor" or "faithful" before leaving, Maddy admitted that she was in fact a "faithful" leaving her fellow contestants shocked and gutted.

This means that "traitors" Wilfred and Kieran, as well as "faithfuls" Aaron, Meryl and Hannah are now in the final.

And this wasn't the only twist, as at the end of the episode, host Claudia Winkleman explained that the finalists will choose when the game ends.

Taking to Twitter, viewers were quick to predict their winners and speculated that it could be Wilfred or Kieran as the rest of the contestants are unaware there's two "traitors" in the group.

One person said: "I think a traitor will definitely win this. The way the faithfuls are playing, I don’t see them catching both traitors now. #thetraitors."

A different account put: "Yep agree I think either Wilf or Kieran have got this or both of them together but I can't see how the faithfuls can win at this point #TheTraitors."

Another follower wrote: "#TheTraitors I think the traitors will win , unless there a twist to help the faithfuls."

While a different viewer added: "A traitor is definitely going to win then aren’t they? There’s no way they’ll think there’s 2 of them left #TheTraitors."

The Traitors continues on Thursday at 9pm on BBC One.


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