Ben reveals to Whitney that Halfway is gay in EastEnders?

Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) is on a one man mission to wind up Callum ‘Halfway’ Highway (Tony Clay) in EastEnders after figuring out that he is gay despite being in a relationship with Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty).

Confused Halfway is nervous when Ben deliberately stirs up trouble between him and Whitney and he is fearful that he is going to reveal everything to her. As Callum later smooths things over with Whitney, he heads to see Ben and warns him to stay away – before letting Stuart (Ricky Champ) know that there is someone he wants him to deal with.

Later, when Ben arrives at a housewarming party, Callum is nervous to see he is drunk and he worries about what he is going to say. But later, he seems him sitting in Paul Coker’s old room and Halfway sees a different side to him as he opens up about his late love.

The next day, Ben thanks Callum for his support but when Callum brings up Paul, Ben snaps at him and storms off – with a nearby Stuart watching and clocking that it was Ben he needed dealing with. As Stuart forms a plan for his next move and waits to get Ben on his own, Callum reaches out to Ben and they make amends, an evident closeness forming.

But after another turn of events, Ben is left feeling bitterly angry at Callum. And as Callum and Whitney head home together, Ben watches menacingly from the shadows and when Callum spots them and their eyes meet, Callum knows that Ben intends to destroy everything he has.

Not yet at a place where he knows who he is or what he wants, Callum lives in fear of what Ben will do.

Can he stop him revealing all to Whitney? And will the simmering chemistry between Ben and Halfway lead to passion?

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