Billy and Paul's death tragedy revealed in new Corrie spoiler video

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Paul Foreman (Peter Ash) has an important question to ask Billy Mayhew (Daniel Brocklebank) in a new Coronation Street video, though it isn’t what Billy is expecting to hear.

Having been diagnosed with motor neurone disease several months ago, Paul heads to the MND clinic for an appointment.

While he is waiting, he finds himself sitting next to Shelly from his support group.

As they talk, he is impressed by her positive attitude to things. She urges him to take control of things and do anything he has dreamt of doing now, before it is too late.

Considering Shelly’s advice, Paul goes home and tells Billy that she has helped him to see things in a clearer light, and he has something important to ask.

Billy, assuming that he is about to propose, tells Summer Spellman (Harriet Bibby) the good news.

In the new video, we see Paul arrive home to find Billy suited and booted, having changed out of his work attire for what he believes to be the special, romantic moment.

As Paul prepares to ask his important question, he shares his concern that it may get Billy in trouble with ‘the big man’.

Billy assures him that whatever it was, Paul will always come first as he is his number one priority.

Paul goes on to explain that it is a difficult request, because what he wants and what Billy is allowed to do as a vicar don’t exactly line up, and he would hate to put him in a position where he would have to choose between his partner and his faith.

With Billy still convinced that Paul is about to propose, he urges him to just ask the question, but is completely taken aback when it isn’t a proposal at all.

As Paul reveals that he knows one day he won’t be able to do or say the things he wants to, he asks Billy to make him a promise: That he will help him end is life.

Billy’s face falls as he is left with a huge decision to make.

Will he agree to Paul’s difficult request?

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