Black Narcissus viewers blast BBC for horrifying bloodied cat scene

BLACK Narcissus viewers have blasted the BBC after the drama featured a horrifying bloodied cat scene.

The new mini-series began on BBC One last night and follows Sister Clodagh (Gemma Arterton), a nun leading a group through the Himalayan mountains.

As the nuns arrived at their new home, a mysterious former palace, they set to work cleaning it up and making it a suitable convent.

However, one scene saw a nun discover a bloodied and dying cat in the corner, giving her a fright.

Instead of checking to see if there were any forms of life, the other nuns simply covered it with a cloth and carried on with their duties.

Viewers were horrified by the brief seen, with one writing on Twitter: "Went to check out #BlackNarcissus . Watched until the unexpected horror of seeing a killed cat. Immediately switched off.

"Shame on you #BBC THERE SHOULD HAVE BEEN A WARNING before airing. Sick of dramas w/cruelty/abuse to ppl &/or animals."

Another added: "Why were the nuns so blasé about a dead cat lying in their hallway with blood pouring from its head? Ho hum, let’s just put a tea towel over it and move along."

A third tweeted: "#BlackNarcissus bit slow and did we rally need a dead cat."

Meanwhile a fourth tweeted: "What happened to that cat?!" alongside a crying emoji.

The series is based on the 1939 novel by Rumer Godden, which lead to the 1947 film version starring Deborah Kerr.

While some felt the new series wasn't a patch on the movie, others were pleased with the latest adaptation.

One wrote: "#Black Narcissus. Loved the original, dark and brooding and the remake is looking very good also!"

Another tweeted: "whoa loved it! Can't wait for the next Episode. Great cast and production."

Black Narcissus continues tonight at 9pm on BBC One.

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