Blackadder writer shoots down reboot hopes as new scripts have been s**t

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    Blackadder writer Ben Elton has dashed the hopes of fans as he has confirmed there are no plans to make a reboot of the iconic comedy series.

    The show originally ran from 1983 to 1989, and instantly became a hit with viewers as it followed Rowan Atkinson's character Edmund Blackadder and his dogsbody Baldrick, played by Tony Robinson.

    Whilst fans are desperate for the series to make a long-awaited comeback to screens after 34 years, it seems they could be waiting for much longer than that.

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    Elton said: "Black Adder isn’t coming back.

    "We’re all still very good friends, all of us, genuinely, and I think one of the reasons for that is because we don’t do a Black Adder.

    There’s been a couple of half-a**ed bits and pieces of revivals and I think they’re all pretty s**t to be honest so I don’t think so."

    The writer admitted he feared that a reboot wouldn't live up to the standards the original four series.

    He continued: "We did something surprisingly special, nobody has the slightest idea that it would resonate in the way it did.

    "Of course you can’t you can’t plan for any of your successes or failure, I certainly didn’t plan for any of my failures but they come all the same.

    "And I think it’s best to leave it where it was you know were all a lot older and doing a lot of other things and you know it’s hard to get Ryan out of the house you know it takes a long time to make any decision."

    Blackadder will be marking 40 years since the first episode was released on BBC on June 15, and 23 years since its last special episode, which marked the millennium, with a number of the main cast reprising their roles.

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