Bling Empire fans in stitches at ‘shameless fake crying’ scenes as cast wail without a single tear

BIING Empire can't stop laughing at the "shameless fake crying" scenes as the cast wail without a single tear.

The Netflix show follows a group of wealthy people living in LA and has already received backlash for being "racist" and "full of stereotypes".

It dives into the world of Los Angeles’s wealthy Asian community and has gripped viewers — revealing the pressure the stars are under to live up to their parents' expectations and find happiness in their careers and relationships.

But the controversial series often shows the cast ramping up the drama for the cameras.

Without giving away too many spoilers, in one scene Kevin Kreider and Kane Lim are tasked with having to tell their friend some devastating news and the distressed pair wipe their eyes — but the tears are definitely not flowing.

In another tense moment they try to reconcile “queen of Los Angeles” Anna Shay with her frenemy and “Asia’s Calvin Harris” DJ Kim Lee.

The moment failed to tug at the heartstrings as again viewers were not convinced there was any real emotion there.

One viewer pointed out: "Bling Empire contains lots of crying scenes without any tears whatsoever."

As another said: "This mf Kevin cannot be Fr on Bling Empire ?? there was no tears at all"

One more Tweeted: "All the fake crying on bling empire sends me (crazy)"

Others pointed out to the show's most hated star Andrew Gray whose hot and cold relationship with Kelly Mi Li has been a focal point of the series.

They tweeted: "I’m not even done with episode 1 of Bling Empire and Andrew is making me laugh hard. He’s so manipulative. That crying was snaky and so fake"

As one more said: "I’m watching Bling Empire and Andrew is a psycho. He’s manipulative af with them fake ass tears. First episode is just full of red flags. Abuser. I hope she dumps him by the end of the season."

Andrew has been branded "toxic" and a "gaslighter" after he screamed at his girlfriend.

Andrew left Netflix viewers horrified when he launched into an expletive-laden tirade at Kelly because she didn't tell him she'd gone shopping.

Kelly, 35, had flown actor and producer Andrew, 33, to join her in Paris via private jet for her birthday, in the first episode of the new reality show.

When her friend, Anna, invited Kelly to go shopping, Kelly chose not to wake Andrew up so that he could sleep off his jet lag in their hotel room.

While browsing at a jewelry store, Kelly told Anna: "I'm so annoyed. Andrew texted me and he's so upset that we left him. I was like, 'you were sleeping'."

Andrew then rang Kelly and demanded: "What the f**k is going on?"

She replied: "I don't know, what's going on with you?"

He shot back: "Your lack of effort drives me f**king crazy. You can easily say, I'm not going to leave this hotel, until I let Andrew know. Would would want me to do that to you? Yes or no? I don't want to hear anything but 'yes' or 'no'."

Kelly later said said in a confessional: "Jet lag sucks, so when Anna asked me to go shopping with her, I thought I was doing Andrew a favor by letting him sleep. But I was wrong."

She later told the camera that Andrew regularly "gets in these bad moods or episodes," adding: "Unfortunately this is not the first time Drew's yelled at me or spoken to me this way."

Andrew and Kelly started dating in 2017. It is not known if they're still together, as neither have made their status clear on social media – although they do still follow each other on Instagram.

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