Blue Bloods season 13 theory: Eddie set for big career switch as fans tip twist

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The upcoming instalment of CBS hit procedural drama Blue Bloods is set to premiere later this year, and considering the finale, fans can expect major changes for the characters. Despite this, viewers are convinced Eddie Reagan (played by Vanessa Ray) could also have an alternate storyline in season 13. 

Although Blue Bloods came to a satisfactory conclusion, the finale set up a huge storyline for a number of its characters. 

This included Erin Reagan (Bridget Moynahan) who was introduced to viewers as an assistant district attorney. 

After some encouragement from her father Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck) and a clash with the current district attorney Kimberly Crawford (Roslyn Ruff), Erin announced a new venture. 

Addressing her family during their weekly meal together, she revealed she would be going for the role of a district attorney.

Fans also saw a major change for Detective Maria Baez (Marisa Ramirez).

The season 12 finale saw her become a mother after she officially adopted a baby, who was left orphaned as a result of a criminal case she was working on. 

Throughout the show, Maria consistently put her personal life and aspirations on hold for her career and decided to go for what she wanted. 

With this revelation, viewers can expect to see more of Maria’s adjustment to motherhood and how she would balance this with her demanding career.

With these upcoming storylines, fans have shared their desire to see a shake-up in Eddie’s life. 

Taking to Reddit, user xforce4life wrote: “Hopefully next season they will do something different with both Eddie and Maria. 

“With Eddie, I hope they can stop it with all the drama with her and Jamie and also let her become a detective for the SVU (not the Law & Order SVU). 

“Will Baez give her some time to shine and maybe she [will] start to look to move up in rank and some with her dealing with being a new mom,” they concluded. (sic)

Eddie was introduced as Jamie Reagan’s (Will Estes) girlfriend and the couple had been together since college. 

Although she worked in law enforcement alongside her now-husband, the show primarily focused on their relationship. 

After they tied the knot in season nine, Eddie and Jamie began having conflicts in their marriage. 

Many of which came from work as Jamie was her superior and had to make multiple decisions professionally, separated from his emotions. 

As her current rank is a police officer, perhaps a promotion or a career switch to detective could see her take on major cases alongside the rest of the family. 

In season 12, Eddie got a taste of working on a tense case when she was enlisted to work with NYPD’s Special Victims Unit undercover.

However, before the case was closed her cover was blown which resulted in her reassignment. 

Eddie had also expressed her desire for a career change as she shared her interest in becoming a sergeant alongside Jamie and this could potentially play out in season 13. 

Blue Bloods season 13 premieres on Friday, October 10, on CBS in America. A UK release date hasn’t been announced.

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