Brandi Glanville Says She's Dating a Waiter 10 Years Younger Than Her: 'He's Really Good in Bed'

Brandi Glanville has a new “man toy” in her life.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alumna recently revealed that she is dating a French man who is 10 years her junior. But while she’s enjoying the romance, she isn’t ready to put any official title on the fling.

“I would not say that he’s a boyfriend, because I don’t like that word, number one,” Glanville, 46, said on Bravo’s RHOBH After Show. “Number two, I don’t want him to think I like him that much.”

Although she didn’t reveal the man’s identity, she did disclose some personal details about him.

“Number three, I don’t know. He’s 10 years younger than me and he’s a waiter, so it’s just not the best fit right now,” Glanville explained.

Still, she can’t deny their sexual chemistry.

“But he does have a huge penis and he’s really good in bed. And half the time I don’t understand what he’s saying, so we get along perfectly,” she said.

And he seems to feel the same way about her.

“He’s like, ‘Oh I like you because you’re so spicy.’ And I tell him to be quiet all the time and he doesn’t care. He walks my dogs. It’s amazing,” she said.

When the interviewer referred to the man as a “boy toy,” Glanville corrected him and suggested a different title: “But he’s 35. He’s a man toy.”

Glanville, who shares two sons — Jake, 12, and Mason, 15 — with ex-husband Eddie Cibrian, certainly doesn’t shy away from discussing her dating life.

“I’ve met some great men, I’ve met a lot of not-so-great ones,” Glanville told PEOPLE in 2014. “I’m learning as I go.”

She also admitted that she’s made some blunders in the dating department.

“I made rules for myself that I’ve broken,” she said. “[After my divorce], I said, ‘No actors and no professional athletes,’ and of course I went right back to it. I’m always attracted to the hottest boy in the room, and that never works out.”

She added, “In this town, being over 40 with two kids, that’s a scary thing to say. It takes a really strong man to put up with me, my baggage and the show.”

After overcoming the pain of her divorce, Glanville said, “It’s hard for me to take the leap of trust. I’m a little bit tough because I can’t afford to get my heart broken. When I do bring someone to meet [my sons], it’s going to be for good.”

And despite the fact that she hopes to meet a man to “complete my little family,” Glanville insisted she will never settle. “I’d rather grow alone with my girlfriends than with someone I’m not in love with.”

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