Brendan Morais Reportedly Loses NordicTrack Sponsorship Deal (on Top of Losing 100k Followers)

Looks like Brendan Morais’ apology tour of social media isn’t exactly going well, because the reality star just reportedly lost a sponsorship deal with NordicTrack (on top of losing around one hundred thousand Instagram followers).

The Sun reports that Brendan was dropped by NordicTrack following backlash towards his behavior on Bachelor in Paradise. Reminder: Brendan basically used Natasha for roses while he waited for Pieper to join the cast of BiP, and then was extremely rude to her while breaking things off. Many have called out his behavior on Bachelor in Paradise for being sexist, not to mention downright disrespectful.

“NordicTrack is no longer doing business with Brendan and any further business plans have been terminated,” a source told The Sun. “His behavior does not align with the brand’s values.”

Brendan recently released a 7 minute apology video on his Instagram account, addressing Natasha directly and saying “I never meant to hurt you. I never meant to lead you on. I truthfully and honestly enjoyed spending time with you.” He added that he was “really, really drawn to” Natasha’s “sweet, soft, kind nature” and “gentle spirit.”

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Brendan also addressed calling Natasha “annoying,” saying “I thought I was being clear in the way I felt about her, saying that there was something missing—there was that romantic aspect missing—and me trying to slowly pull away from her. And I was getting frustrated because I didn’t think she and her and I were on the same page, and, and clearly we weren’t.”


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