Bulletproof location: Where was Bulletproof filmed? Where is it set?

Bulletproof South Africa: Ashley Walters discusses stunts

Bulletproof is swapping dreary London for sunnier shores in its latest episodes on Sky to transport viewers away from dark January nights. At a recent Q&A, the stars of the show Noel Clarke and Ashley Roberts opened up about where they filmed the show and how they found the experience.

Where was Bulletproof filmed?

London plays a big role in the hit crime comedy Bulletproof as it is where Aaron Bishop (played by Noel Clarke) and Ronnie Pike Jr (Ashley Walters) live.

However, previous seasons of Sky show have jetted the world, filming in locations like Cyprus and Amsterdam

Now, Bulletproof is heading to a different continent in its new episodes, which were filmed in South Africa.

This all starts when Pike and his wife Arjana Pike (Vanessa Vanderpuye) decide to go on holiday to the country to get away from London.

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And of course, Bishop decides he will also tag along to enjoy the sun as well.

This sees the trio head to Cape Town in South Africa, where the show was both filmed and set.

The latest season is set all around the capital on its many beaches as well as in the townships.

Speaking about this to Express.co.uk and other media, the stars opened up about what it was like.

Sarah Tanner star Lindsey Coulson said: “South Africa is a country of extremes. You’ve got extreme poverty, extreme wealth, extreme beauty.

“But it has a vibrancy about it that unless you’re there something that unless you’re there, something about being around the Table Mountain, that has this energy it gives off.

“Everybody that’s there is open to talking to you. I had so much energy.”

Walters agreed, adding: “It was hard to see the contrast between where we were staying to being in the townships.


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“The disparity in wealth is amazing out there, there’s extreme wealth and on the other hand there’s extreme poverty.

“It’s really hard to take in but what I would say is the quality of life is amazing over there when it comes to people making the most of what they have and how happy they still are.

“The smiles on their faces and how they embraced us when we came was amazing.”

However, the stars also revealed how South Africa was not their first choice as a location.

Clarke explained: “I think we wanted it to be Hong Kong, I think that was our first option.

“When you think of them being fish out of water, I think that was our first option.

“Them trying to be incognito in a place like that just adds another level, right?

“But just going through the logistics of filming, we went through a few places and then Cape Town came up and we were like ‘alright.’

“The production were like that’s probably the best place right now if we want to get this done. So we were like ‘yeah, alright, let’s do it.’”

Bulletproof: South Africa begins on Sky One at 9pm on January 20.

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