Carol Kirkwood shares fiancé Steves important trait in rare engagement update

Carol Kirkwood speaks to Zoe Ball about her writing process

Carol Kirkwood has opened up about her fiancé Steve Randall and an “important” trait he has.

The BBC Breakfast meteorologist, 61, detailed how “kind” her fiancé is in a rare update since she got engaged last year.

Describing the acts of kindness Steve does for her, Carol explained how he wakes up with her when her alarm goes off at 2.45am for her BBC shift.

“Even though I say to him every time, ‘Don’t get up, you go back to sleep,’ he always insists on getting me my tea,” she stated.

Speaking to the Mirror, she went on: “He’s so kind, and that’s really important to me.”

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Reflecting on finding love for a second time following her divorce from her first husband in 2008, the Scottish weather presenter told the publication: “Your own happiness is down to you.

“You should be reliant on yourself for happiness, and if somebody else also makes you happy, that’s a huge bonus.

“I’ve learnt that you’re the author of your own destiny.

“If you want to remain happy, don’t make your life difficult – and surround yourself with people who lift your spirits.”

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On their plans for the big day, she added: “We haven’t got a wedding date yet.

“I think we’ll have an intimate wedding. We don’t want to just squeeze it in, we want it to be a celebration.”

Carol delights fans with her BBC Breakfast updates, and while she usually shares back-and-forth jokes with the hosts of the show, she normally remains private about her relationship.

Carol joined the BBC as a weather presenter in 1988 and has built up a loyal following ever since.

Ahead of the BBC’s recent anniversary, she stated:”I love my job.”

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Speaking to The Sun, she added: “I love the variety, I love the weather, I love the outside broadcasts and the fact that we get to meet everyone when you’re out and about.

“And you get to see different parts of the country as well that you may not otherwise have seen.

“It’s a brilliant job and I’m so lucky. Why would I want to do anything else?”

BBC Breakfast airs daily from 6am on BBC One.

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