Casualty spoilers: Stevie devastated by nude photo leak as Marcus' dark past exposed | The Sun

JACOB helps Stevie to face the truth about Marcus next week in the ED and Rash's story continues.

Here are the six biggest moments to look out for during the episodes of the BBC One drama.

1. Marcus' control

Stevie has had setback after setback yet has still turned down support from Marcus.

At work, Marcus's manipulation is clear.

He criticises Stevie over her eating habits and advises she keep her distance from Faith.

Will Stevie fight back?

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2. Ashok's care home

Rash is at war with himself after deciding to put Ashok in a care home.

After going through with his plan, he realises it's not as straightforward as he thought.

Rash and Paige take him to visit the home.

But Ashok's unhappiness is palpable and he runs away.

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3. Marcus' ex

Marcus come face to face with someone from his pastCredit: BBC

A patient named Eloise is brought into the ED claiming Marcus is dangerous and warning Stevie to stay away from him.

Marcus tells Stevie that Eloise is an unstable ex-girlfriend.

He explained she stalked him after they broke up and even left a dead cat on his doorstep – but is there more to the story?

Eloise later urges Faith to protect Stevie at all costs.

4. Jacob warn Stevie

Aware of Eloise's backstory, Jacob pulls Stevie to talk to privately and offers to take her out for a drink.

Jacob references his history with Tina and tries to make Stevie aware of the microaggressions Marcus could be using with her.

But Stevie dismisses Jacob's concerns and insists Marcus is nothing like Tina.

Will Stevie regret not listening to Jacob?

5. Nude photo leak

Stevie is devastated when she learns that a private picture of her is being circulated around the ED.

The sender is unknown meaning anyone could have sent it.

Marcus accuses Stevie of being "careless" with her phone.

He then comforts her as she breaks down.

6. Stevie meets Eloise

Jacob explains that he met Eloise at a domestic abuse group.

He breaks the news to Stevie that Marcus is responsible for sending the picture around.

Stevie learns that Marcus isolated Eloise until he was the only person she could trust.

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She then pays a visit to Eloise who finally opens her eyes about Marcus's abusive behaviour.

Casualty continues on Saturday on BBC One.

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