Celebrity MasterChef fans in hysterics as Su Pollard causes chaos in the kitchen

Celebrity MasterChef fans have been left in hysterics after watching comedian Su Pollard as she made a pasta carbonara for the judges.

As viewers tuned in for the celebrity take on the cooking competition, their sense of smell was put to the test as they named the four different types of cheese in front of them.

Unable to remember different types of cheeses, the stand-up comic turned decided to list different types of animals that could have produced the stinky cheddar.

“Oh, that’s boring … no it’s not goats, sheep maybe? It smells pasteurised,” she pondered in front of the judges.

But all hell broke loose when it was Su’s turn to have a go at the challenge, as she worked against the clock to produce the traditional Italian dish in 15 minutes.

The Hi-de-Hi actress was like a whirlwind in the kitchen as she got to grips with the pasta machine and made homemade pasta from scratch without a recipe.

With the expert help from John and Gregg, Su managed to make her first batch of homemade pasta and proudly announced: “I’ve been having an orgasm over bloody pasta, what’s wrong with me?“

With seconds left on the clock, Su presented a slap-dash version of a poor man’s pasta carbonara and fans couldn’t help but laugh at her terrible culinary skills.

Fans took to Twitter to share their opinion on Su’s eccentric cooking style online as she brought humour to an otherwise serious show.

One user wrote: “Just would like to say … I love Su … and I'd happily hoff that dish of pasta carbonara it may not be, but if there’s bacon in it, how bad can it be?”

Another wrote: “Su has came dressed as a got nan tribute tonight, loving it.”

A third chimed in with: “How much do I love Su Pollard?! I just love that she lives completely on Planet Su. The world needs more Su Pollards.”

“Su Pollard is a tonic – she really is making me chuckle tonight!” another commented.

But the Nottingham native clawed it back after she presented a scrumptious Indian spiced rice pudding spiced with poached pears which saw her landing a position in the quarter finals which left fans divided over.

One fan wrote: “Not quite sure what is happening with Celebrity MasterChef. Nothing against Su Pollard but she was following the easiest recipe she could find, did it well but even so, a better cook than Rita?!”

Another argued: “What a fabulous, if unlikely, trio to go through – Bex, Duncan and Sue.”

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