Chad Michael Murray, Scott Patterson Return to The CW as Network Acquires Canadian Drama Sullivan's Crossing

The CW’s 2023-24 TV season will feature two blasts from its past.

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The network announced Wednesday that it has acquired Sullivan’s Crossing, the 10-episode Canadian drama that stars CW vets Chad Michael Murray (One Tree Hill) and Scott Patterson (Gilmore Girls). The series, which will make its debut this fall, also stars Morgan Kohan (When Hope Calls).

Based on the bestselling novel by Robyn Carr, Sullivan’s Crossing centers on Maggie Sullivan (Kohan), a renowned neurosurgeon who, per the XL logline, “seemingly has it all, until her business partner is indicted for fraud and she finds herself charged with negligence. Looking to distance herself from the fallout, Maggie decides to leave Boston and return to her childhood home of Sullivan’s Crossing, a rustic and remote campground set against the stunning coastline still run by her estranged father, Sully Sullivan (Patterson). There, Maggie rekindles old friendships and builds new ones with the local residents, including a handsome newcomer, Cal Jones (Murray), who only serves to complicate her life further. As Maggie works on clearing her name and reputation, she is forced to confront her painful past, as she attempts to reconnect with a side of herself she had long forgotten.”

In a statement, Brad Schwartz, president of The CW, said, “It is incredibly special to bring Chad and Scott back home to The CW.”

The CW of course is no stranger to low-cost international acquisitions, having given a U.S. home in past years to fare such as Coroner, Professionals, Leonardo, Devils and Family Law,  and the soon-to-premiere The Rising and Barons. And the network surely will stay on that track under its new ownership, which has announced its plan to carry over only a precious few current scripted shows (here’s a rundown of CW shows still on the bubble).

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