Channel 4 star Guy Martin shot at and tortured in cartel test in Columbia

Guy’s Garage: Guy Martin says his vehicle is ‘prone to wheelying’

Guy Martin was shot at and tortured in a terrifying cartel test in Columbia for his new Channel 4 show.

In one shocking scene, Guy heads to a body armour company to trial MC Armor’s bulletproof clothing.

Guy explains he wants to trial the clothing as more than 12,000 people are murdered every year in the South American country.

As he dons the bulletproof clothing, he allows the owner of MC Armor to shoot at him to test it out.

“I’ve never been shot. Maybe buggering about with pellet guns, and mucking about, yes,” he says.

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“But not proper ammunition. They are not messing about here.”

As the owner pulls the trigger, Guy laughs: “It’s your idea. So if I die, it’s your fault.”

According to Mirror Online, Guy walks away unharmed but he then goes through the same training politicians do to prepare for being kidnapped.

The Channel 4 star is dragged into a torture chamber and is left begging them to stop after just 40 seconds.

Guy tells viewers: “I’ve heard of water-boarding before. You know, you’ve got a mask and you’re chucking water at them, but you’re not drowning.

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“That’s what I used to think. Not now. You need that air. I am drowning and I am f***ing talking – what do you want to know?

“But I’ve still only had a small, tiny, tiny snippet of Colombian violence.”

Despite his terrifying ordeal, Guy explained he would go back to Columbia again.

He said: “I came here with completely the wrong idea. So 100 percent I’ll be back – no question.”

A post on Guy’s social media gave more of an insight for the series, as it read: “Guy loves exploring a country at street-level to find out what makes it tick. This time he visited Colombia, to find out about one of the most beautiful and bio-diverse countries in the world.

“He soon discovers that risk is something Colombians have learnt to live with every day when he undergoes the same brutal kidnap training that politicians are put through – gagged and bound and thrown into the back of a car, he is then tortured and water-boarded for real.

“This shocking experience is followed by a visit to a uniquely Colombian business: a factory making designer bullet-proof clothing. Guy tests if the products work in the only way possible – he puts on a bullet-proof hoodie and is then shot at point blank range, by live ammunition.”

It continued: “The root cause of Colombia’s issues is the cocaine trade, and to find out more Guy loads a motorcycle into the back of a classic Douglas DC3 cargo plane before flying into the Colombian Amazon, landing at an airfield cut into the jungle by notorious drug kingpin Pablo Escobar.

“Guy rides to a hidden drugs lab to find out how cocaine is made, then takes to the streets with a secret camera to see how easy it is to buy drugs in Medellin, once known as the most dangerous city in the world.

“A meeting with the nephew of Pablo Escobar to watch some revealing home movies uncovers the inside story of the drug lord’s vast wealth, before a whirlwind first week of adventure concludes with Guy joining the elite jungle commandos on a drugs lab raid.”

Our Guy In Colombia airs on Channel 4 on July 23.

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