‘Chicago Fire’: Things Get Complicated for Brett and Casey

Chicago Fire continues to explore the relationship between Sylvie Brett and Matt Casey. Things are  getting very complicated between these two. Here’s a look at what happened last time on Chicago Fire.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Chicago Fire Season 9 Episode 13.

Sylvie Brett runs hot and cold with Matt Casey on ‘Chicago Fire’

During Chicago Fire Season 9 Episode 12 (titled “Natural Born Firefighter”), Brett (Kara Killmer) tries her best to be a loving, caring friend. She volunteers to go with Casey (Jesse Spencer) to the hospital to make sure he has the support he needs. A few episodes before this one, it’s revealed Casey has a history of head injuries.

A doctor warned Casey that if he hits his head again, it could cause disability and likely end his firefighting career. Brett promises to be by Casey’s side every step of the way. She goes to all his appointments and accompanies him to receive his MRI test results. Thankfully, everything turns out well. The scan is clear, and Casey’s brain is fine.

Sylvie Brett and Greg Grainger clash

However, there’s one problem. Greg Grainger (Jon-Michael Ecker) sees Casey’s name appear on Brett’s phone when he calls her. Grainger assumes Brett isn’t over Casey. He comes to this conclusion because it appears as if Brett is hiding something.

All this time, Brett referred to Casey as “her friend.” She never let Grainger know who the friend was. When he sees that it’s Casey, he figures there’s still something going on, and he doesn’t want to be part of this. Grainger breaks things off with Brett.

By the time we reach Chicago Fire Season 9 Episode 13 (titled “Don’t Hang Up”), Brett seems cold. It’s clear things have changed between her and Casey. When Casey tries to engage Brett in conversation, she doesn’t seem like she’s all there. She’s not as warm as before and seems disconnected. Casey figures something is wrong, so he pulls Brett aside so he can talk to her.

Brett reveals that when Grainger found out she was helping Casey, he broke up with her. Casey feels bad about what happened. He tells Brett that Grainger will finally see the error of his ways and reach out to her. Little does she know, Casey has a plan up his sleeve.

Grainger says Brett is in love with Casey

Casey hates to see Brett in pain, so he decides to visit Grainger’s firehouse and talk to him. Instead of taking advantage of the situation, he does what he thinks is best. Casey wants to be with Brett, but he loves her so much that he just wants to see her happy. He explains to Grainger that there’s nothing going on between him and Brett. He also says they never really had a relationship.

Grainger doesn’t believe anything Casey says. Instead, he gives him a dose of reality. Grainger tells Casey the facts: Brett is in love with him. No matter what Grainger does, he knows it won’t work out between him and Brett. Her heart belongs to Casey. It remains to be seen if Brett will ever realize this and put an end to this relationship drama.

Chicago Fire airs Wednesdays on NBC at 9:00 p.m. Eastern Time.

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