Chicago Fire’s Carver upsets fans with Kidd and Severide split fears

Chicago Fire: NBC teases 'A Guy I Used to Know' episode

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Viewers weren’t happy when Firehouse 51 newcomer Sam Carver (played by Jake Lockett) realised he had developed feelings for Stella Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo), who is still married to Lieutenant Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney). With Kinney set to take a leave of absence from the NBC drama over the coming weeks, fans are concerned Carver could take the opportunity to swoop in and drive them apart.

The audience was frustrated by the latest episode of Chicago Fire as a new love triangle was seemingly introduced.

After joining up with Firehouse 51 at the start of season 11, Carver has grown closer to firefighter Kidd with each new episode.

Although Kidd was practically oblivious to her colleague’s feelings, Carver is clearly harbouring more than a simple crush.

As her husband Severide is about to be written out for several episodes, viewers are concerned the writers could start to complicate things further.

While Kidd and Severide have remained a fan-favourite couple throughout the series, are they about to split up to make way for more drama?

On Twitter, Kanani O’Kalani fumed: “#StellaKidd stay away from Carver my hell!

“If this is how they’re going to get #KellySeveride to leave the show, I’m gonna be p****d!

“If they start a romantic relationship with Carver and Stella I’m done watching!”

@wagrobanite pleaded: “Oh come on #ChicagoFire don’t make Carver have a crush on her. That’s just f*****g lazy writing.”

@Sydvaughnfan2 raged: “Carver better not screw ‘Stellaride’ up!”

@mrandamiller517 wrote: “I swear, if they are hinting at/pushing a cheating storyline between Stella and Carver, I’m gonna take a Slammigan to the writers’ room door and tell them every single reason why that’s a bad idea to ruin #Stellaride.”

“Ew. Don’t. Touch. Stella!!!!!!” furious fan @THEmaggiewarren exclaimed. “Leave Mrs. Severide ALONE Carver!!!”

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And @blessedwsophia said: “Carver and Stella can’t and should not ever become a thing.

“With Taylor on hiatus, they better not decide to ruin ‘Stellaride’ or anything. I’ll literally throw hands.”

Many other Chicago Fire fans took to Twitter during and after the episode warning Carver to “stay away” from Kidd.

Concerns amongst the audience were already sparked when a romantic interest in Carver was teased amid Kinney’s impending break from the series.

Showrunner Andrea Newman teased in TV Line: “Carver will definitely have upcoming love interests.

“Including one who is a very familiar face at 51. This, of course, will cause all kinds of intrigue at the firehouse.”

It’s unclear who Newman is referring to, although it’s clear firehouse regular Kidd has already earned his affections.

Hopefully, the showrunner confirming Carver will likely have multiple love interests will assure fans he won’t be trying to drive ‘Stellaride’ apart any time soon.

Chicago Fire season 11 returns Wednesday, February 15 on NBC in the USA. A UK release date is yet to be announced.

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