Colbert Rips GOP's 'Insane' 2020 Election Audit in Arizona Seeking to Tie Votes to China (Video)

Jennifer Maas

“I question the neutrality of that prediction,” Colbert said. “That would be like saying, I predict that someone is going to break into my neighbor Glenn’s house when he’s in Boca Raton this weekend and my powerful sixth sense is also telling me that his flat screen is going to. look great in my den.”

The CBS late-night host continued: “Because of the two official audits finding no fraud, the Cyber Ninjas are thinking outside the box and the brain, because they’re examining ballots using microscopes and ultraviolet light in a hunt for any bamboo particles, which believers think would suggest the ballots were planted by China. That’s insane. Bamboo literally grows everywhere in the world. If you want to prove the ballots are from China, you’ve gotta look for little bits of panda fur or traces of Ivanka handbags.”

Watch the full segment via the video above.

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