Copenhagen Cowboy cast on Netflix

Copenhagen Cowboy will follow a young woman who has spent her life enslaved and is now on the hunt for the woman responsible. All six episodes of the crime thriller were released on Thursday, January 5, on Netflix. Here’s all there is to know about the cast of Copenhagen Cowboy?

Who is in the cast of Copenhagen Cowboy?

Miu – Angela Bundalovic

Copenhagen Cowboy follows the tale of Miu who has had a difficult life, enslaved by big crime bosses in the criminal underworld of Copenhagen.

She is determined to track down her nemesis though with the help of her supernatural abilities.

Miu is portrayed by Danish actress Angela Bundalovic, who only has a small handful of credits to her name since she started acting in 2005.

She is best known for playing Beatrice in the Netflix show The Rain and Nadja in Limboland.

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