Coronation Street fans work out how couple will reunite over grief

Coronation Street: Paul struggles to lift his wine glass

Some Coronation Street fans believe only one person will be able to help Billy Mayhew (played by Daniel Brocklebank) through his grief – his ex Todd Grimshaw (Gareth Pierce).

With Paul Foreman’s (Peter Ash) tragic fate sealed, some fans are already theorising how Billy will cope with the loss of his partner.

Although Paul has no idea how long he has left, he already mentioned he was thinking about assisted dying before the condition progresses to the point he can no longer move or speak.

Reddit user verysensiblelady theorised: “Todd will secretly help him [Paul] and then after he dies, Todd and Billy will become close and get back together.

“Then once they’re properly back on there will be a dramatic storyline where they are maybe planning to get married, Todd will tell Billy and there will be a showdown/breakup.”

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Others thought the theory was possible, with StormblessedOrc commenting: “This sounds 100 per cent accurate.”

00rvr responded: “This is one of my theories. My other thought is that Todd secretly helps Paul, and then afterwards Billy either figures it out quickly or Todd just confesses and Billy, in his anger, reports Todd to the police and we then head into a courtroom storyline for a bit.”

The prediction comes after Paul confided in Todd about his wish for Billy to help him die, wish had caused a big row between the couple.

Later, he informed Todd he had changed his mind, but Todd seemed sceptical.  

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Touching on the heavy subject of assisted dying earlier this week, Paul explained: “I’ve been doing some thinking about what I want, you know, how I want this to play out.

“Which brings me to you. What if what I want gets you into trouble, you know, with the big man?”

“Well, without knowing what it is it’s hard to say but you do know that you come first, right? You are my number one priority, your happiness means everything,” vicar Billy replied.

“It’s just that knowing what I’d like and what you’re allowed, they don’t exactly go together,” Paul admitted, adding: “I love you, and I wouldn’t want to put you in a position where you have to choose between me and your faith.”

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After some pushing from Billy, Paul eventually explained: “Ok… I know that someday I won’t be able to say and do the things that I want so before that happens I want you to promise me that you’ll help me end my life.”

A stunned Billy refused, and later he admitted he thought Paul was going to propose.

After Billy’s reaction, it was clear Paul later pretended to have changed his mind as he instead agreed to marry Billy.

A suspicious Todd then asked Paul if he was sure he’d changed his mind, and it seemed as though Todd might be willing to fulfil Paul’s wish.

Could Todd and Billy then end up back together though?

Coronation Street continues on Monday at 8pm on ITV.

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