Coronation Street newbie Channique Sterling-Brown stole from set during audition

Coronation Street's resident Bailey family is set to be rocked by a "chaotic" new arrival – but her transition into getting the part wasn't an easy one, as she accidentally stole from the set.

DeeDee, Michael and James' older sister, is set to join the Bailey clan soon amid James' health woes after he collapsed during a friendly football match.

Her first episode is set to air on September 28th, when DeeDee arrives home from living in the US – immediately putting her legal training to use.

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But as the apple of her parents' eye, she stirs a few jealous feelings in her brothers – could DeeDee cause trouble on the cobbles?

Now actress Channique Sterling-Brown has described how she accidentally took a prop from set home with her during the audition process.

Speaking to Daily Star, she said: "My first self tape in April. I remember getting the brief through and laughing, because I was like, 'Wow, she's literally me, this character is me!'

"I was really fortunate to go to the first screen test, which was with Lorna [Laidlaw] who plays Aggie and she was so brilliant, so warm. She made me feel so comfortable straight away even though I was in Roy’s Rolls and there were people everywhere.

"It was just me and Lorna and it was just perfect."

The newcomer added: "I got picked for the final screen test which was with all the Baileys, and by that point it was down to the last three – so it was very high stakes. But everyone was super lovely and I had a great time."

Despite that, things quickly started to spiral into chaos, as she cheekily explained: "In all the chaos of it I’d been given a prop phone in the scene and afterwards I put it in my pocket, then we cut after a few takes.

"I left, and I don’t know what even made me realise because I wasn’t even home yet. I just stopped and was like, 'I’ve got the phone in my pocket. I’ve stolen from Corrie!'

"I called my agent and I said, 'I don’t know what to do!' She told me to take it back, so I drove back with it, and I pulled up outside reception, ran in and as I was coming out I bumped into Ryan [Russell] who plays Michael, and said, 'I took the phone!'"

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Giggling, Channique added: "He said, 'It's meant to be, because DeeDee’s very scatterbrained!' We had a lovely chat and he was super encouraging and said he hoped it was me, which made me feel so good even if i hadn’t got the job.

"It made me feel as an actor that I’d done a good job, it was such a blessing for me because I left on a high."

Channique explained that when she heard she'd got the part, she burst into tears.

"I was on a bus on my way to a festival when I found out. I’m not going to lie, I just burst into tears. I was so overcome, the first person I told was my best friend, I FaceTimed her and she could see me crying," she said.

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 8pm on ITV.


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