Coronation Street spoilers: Daniel Osbourne accused of inappropriate behaviour towards Summer Spellman

DANIEL Osbourne lands himself in hot water as he’s accused of inappropriate behaviour towards Summer Spellman next week in Coronation Street.

The teacher – who is played by Rob Mallard in the ITV soap – finds himself in a sticky situation when he gives Summer some pointers with her university application form.

Viewers will see Summer ask Daniel if he could give her some extra tuition for the Oxford entrance exam.

Aware how it could be interpreted, Daniel feels obliged to turn her down.

Later in the week, however, he relents and agrees to help her with her application.

When David queries Max about his lack of homework, Max insists he gets less because of his ADHD. 

David asks Daniel about Max’s homework and is riled when the teacher tells him it’s a pity Max can’t use his brain for school instead of making a fool out of his father. 

When Daniel lets Summer in for her tutorial, David bounds over and accuses him of favouritism. 

David suggests that, given Daniel’s history with Bethany, he probably fancies Summer. 

Max listens in and later the youngster makes a dig at Daniel, likening his relationship with Bethany to that of Romeo and Juliet. 

When Daniel’s wallet goes missing at school, he accuses Max. 

David is fuming when he arrives on the scene to find Daniel ordering Max to empty his pockets. 

As David leaves with Max, he promises Daniel that he’s not heard the end of this. 

What lengths will David go to in order to get revenge?

Talking about Daniel’s relationships with Summer and Max, Rob Mallard revealed: "Summer is the model student and he has lots of time for her but he doesn’t have the same time for Max.

"It’s a professional conflict, he knows he’s supposed to give equal time to all of his students but he definitely has a preference. It’s a logical preference because you can’t force someone to learn, then you’ve got someone else there who’s really keen.

"They’re two very different students."

Speaking about how Daniel reacts to Max’s comment about his past relationship with Bethany, Rob added: “He’s shocked because as far as he’s concerned that’s in his past, the fact that David’s been bad mouthing him behind closed doors, Daniel didn’t realise his reputation was still so bad in the Platt household."

Talking about how Daniel starts to fear for his job: “It’s quite a process doing your PGCE and becoming a teacher, it’s an investment that he doesn’t want to have no return on."


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