Coronation Street spoilers: Fiz Stape makes a final decision about ex Tyrone Dobbs

FIZ Stape makes a final decision about her ex Tyrone Dobbs next week in Coronation Street.

The mechanic – who is played by Alan Halsall in the ITV soap – left Fiz and their kids for Alina Pop earlier this year, who he recently got engaged to.

However, Tyrone has since found himself torn between Alina and his ex.

Next week, Tyrone struggles to muster up any interest in Alina’s Romanian wedding plans, especially when he finds Fiz crying over a petition to have Hope removed from school. 

Phill hears what’s happened and calls on Fiz, asking to take her out for dinner. 

When Evelyn tells Tyrone that Phill has taken her to the bistro, he is clearly jealous. 

Tyrone can’t help following them and when Phill heads to the toilets, he emerges from the shadows and tells Fiz how much he’s missing her and the girls.

Fiz is incredulous as Tyrone admits that his engagement to Alina was an accident.

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Later, Tyrone tells Alina that Fiz is thinking of moving away with the girls and that he can’t possibly abandon them to go to Romania at the movement. 

Later in the week, Hope tells Alina that she hates her for stealing her dad, but she eventually softens and apologises for starting the fire. 

However, when she reveals that she’s sorry for the other fires she started as well, Alina is stunned and rages at Tyrone for keeping things from her.

It all kicks off as Tyrone reveals he wants to be with Fiz, leaving Alina heartbroken.

Meanwhile, Fiz tells Phill about the kiss with Tyrone and that she’s realised she no longer has feelings for her ex – much to Phill’s delight. 

Will Tyrone lose Alina and Fiz?

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