Coronation Street star reveals Sarah loses her morals in major new story

Sarah Platt (Tina O’Brien) is about to make a huge mistake in Coronation Street when she embarks on an affair with possibly the worst person she could have chosen – Damon Hay (Ciaran Griffiths).

The evil drug dealer was recently arrested for possession of class A drugs after deliberately targeting Nick (Ben Price) and exploiting the bistro to store and sell drugs. Nick finally called the police after armed thugs had put young Sam (Jude Riordan) in danger when they stormed the bistro brandishing guns.

So how does Sarah come to meet her brother’s sworn enemy? Tina O’Brien told us that, although Sarah’s husband Adam (Sam Robertson) has agreed to be Damon’s solicitor, her character’s first meeting with Damon happens by chance.

‘Sarah’s absolutely fuming that Adam would get involved with this guy,’ she told us. ‘Adam understandably says it’s business and he needs the money but Sarah says look it’s not about the money, this is family and you’re basically siding with the guy that’s made my brother’s life hell.’

Adam and Sarah argue over the issue and Sarah decides she’ll go to a hotel they booked as a couple, without Adam. ‘Sarah storms off, heads to the hotel on her own, goes and has a few drinks at the bar and bumps into this guy and they end up getting chatting,’ Tina said.

Of course what she doesn’t know is that the man she’s talking to is Damon Hay. All she knows is that he seems to be a charming man who’s paying her some attention.

‘I think there probably is an attraction there,’ Tina reflected. ‘It’s that freedom that he doesn’t know anything about her life, she can put all her life stress to the side and just have a bit of meaningless flirt at the bar, basically.

‘She does invite him up to her room after a few drinks but I think she’s just got caught up in the moment. He also does goad her a little bit, reminding her she said she was an independent woman who can make her own mind up. For a minute she just thinks screw you Adam, because he has said a few mean things to her in the Rovers. So she invites him up but I think once she gets him up there, reality kicks in and she realises this is a bad idea. It’s then a matter of whether she’ll back away from the situation before more damage is done.’

Tina told us that, as an actress, she had to work out why Sarah would go behind Adam’s back and behave in such a way.

‘I’ve been trying to find some moral reason as to why Sarah would behave in this way and actually I’m not really sure there is one,’ she speculated.

‘So I’ve just decided to play it as an opportunity that’s presented itself, she’s at an age where maybe life feels a bit sensible, a bit boring, and then something has come along that’s kind of caught her eye a little bit. She knows she shouldn’t, but she’s tempted anyway, and it’s as simple as that. These things happen, I’m not saying it’s right and Sarah knows that but I’m guessing she’s going to go there anyway.’

For Tina, who worked with Ciaran Griffiths when they were both 14 and at drama school, the chance to work with him again has been something she really welcomed.

‘It’s really lovely to work with him again, it’s lovely to work with both Sam and Ciaran, there are a lot of scenes coming up that will involve very awkward situations for Sarah and that’s always fun to play.’

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