Coronation Street Tim and Sally set to split as fans worry over affair rumours

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Coronation Street fans are growing more and more concerned for the future of Sally and Tim Metcalfe's marriage, with some theorising they are 'set to split'.

Last week, it was revealed that Tim was suffering from a blockage in his heart which would require a triple bypass surgery – and he has since been doing his utmost to disguise his fear from Sally.

He hasn't even told her about the diagnosis, instead attending hospital appointments with nurse Aggie – fuelling fears of an affair brewing between the two for Sally.

Things got even worse as she realised Tim had bought flowers for someone – but not yet gifted them to her.

With ITV soap writers reportedly struggling over whether or not to split the couple up, terrified fans have taken to social media to air their own concerns.

One begged: "No, they are an absolutely lovely couple [please] don't break them up, they deserve to be together, leave them alone, can you do that, I don't like to see their hearts broken!"

Someone else posted: "I’d love to see Tim have his big op and make a full recovery. Hopefully he will stay with Sally. I think they’re good together."

As another fan said: "No stop splitting couples up stop repeating storylines and do something different Tim and Sally to stay together!"

"I like them together – leave them alone!" a fourth fan quickly warned, as a fifth said: "No Sally & Tim are a brill couple. Keep them together."

It comes as soap expert Sharon Marshall admitted that writers simply can't decide on where to take Sally and Tim's relationship in future.

Speaking on ITV's This Morning, the reporter explained: "Before Christmas, there was this big Corrie press conference and the writers admitted this was the subject of a huge debate in the writers’ room. There were arguments – some of the team do want to, but there have been some who don’t.

"What we will see is that she will become more and more paranoid, she will put a tracker on his phone, she will start to think Tim is having an affair.

"He is spending lots of time with Aggie, because she is a nurse, and he is spending time with her. But I hope they don’t!"

She went on: "It becomes a colossal threat to everything Sally and Tim know about their relationship and what it looks like in the future. It’s massive really – it kicks off with a brilliantly ludicrous scene.

"Tim and Sally feel like an iconic couple and some people in the storyline conferences want to pitch a split permanently.

"It always starts a massive argument. They feel right, they are peas in a pie. It matters to me and the audience. There will be a huge level of investment."

And with Corrie spoilers revealing that Tim is set to collapse, will Sally finally discover the truth about her man?

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 7:30pm on ITV.

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