Corrie Stephen star confirms friends help move Teddys dead body in murder twist

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    Coronation Street actor Todd Boyce has revealed his killer character Stephen Reid gets unexpected help as he claims another victim.

    It has been confirmed that the businessman will murder Teddy Thompkins in upcoming scenes.

    Teddy works out that Stephen killed his son Leo Thompkins but gets murdered himself before he can get to the police.

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    Speaking about Stephen's latest dark deed, Todd told Daily Star and other press: "I think this is more pre-meditated.

    "He tries as much as he can to talk Teddy around and knows if that doesn't work he's going to have to kill him.

    "With Leo, he was hiding his financial malfeasance but now he's got one body down he's perfectly happy to cover that up with another one."

    Todd went on to reveal that several Weatherfield residents help Stephen move the body without any idea that are helping out a killer.

    "I'm so glad I've gone to the gym all these years because I'm doing a lot of heavy lifting," Todd joked.

    He continued: "About 10 characters come in very close proximity to Teddy's dead body, which is very funny.

    "I got the scripts and I emailed Iain and I was in an over the moon situation already playing this character but I was beside myself.

    "It's Hitchcock-ish and really black and heart in your throat.

    "Some people help Stephen move the body."

    The soap star went on to reveal who could be the next character added to Stephen's hit list.

    Todd explained: "Carla's getting on his wick. She's humiliated him on two occasions in front of his former colleagues who he worked with in Milan.

    "She's got a business he'd like to get his hands on. Carla is skating on very thin ice."

    "I've stopped asking what's happening next because it's exciting not to know.

    "Someone from the art team told me I was going to kill Teddy in a certain way so that was news to me.."

    Coronation Street airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday on ITV at 8pm

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