Corrie viewers in stitches over Paula’s awkward swimwear blunder in hot tub

Coronation Street viewers were in stitches tonight over Paula Martin's awkward swimwear blunder.

The hotshot lawyer joined Leanne Battersby in Sally Metcalfe's outdoor hot tub for an afternoon of bubbles and champagne.

But her relaxing time in the tub was ruined when Tracy Barlow and Steve McDonald unexpectedly rocked up for a session – and joined them in the steamy water.

Sheepish Paula and Tracy had to deflect questions from Steve as Leanne teased the pair over their one night stand on New Year's Eve.

Paula desperately tried to keep their secret safe – but Corrie fans were more interested in her outfit.

Corrie viewers took to Twitter to question what Paula was wearing in the tub.

One viewer joked: "Paula’s in the hot tub fully clothed it seems"

"What the hell is Paula wearing? Looks like she couldn't even be bothered to get dressed into a swimming costume," added another.

A third asked: "Why has Paula got a shell suit on in the hot tub?"

"Why is Paula wearing a blouse," said a fourth.

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Paula's outfit was the worst of her worries as Steve started to suspect something was wrong.

After getting tired of Leanne's jokes, the pair got out of the hot tub before having a row in the kitchen.

Sally came in at the wrong moment and overheard Paula and Tracy revealing that they slept together.

Suspicious Steve managed to get Leanne to admit that something had happened with Tracy after spotting an uneasy look with Sally.

Working it all out, Steve jumped out of the hot tub and ran down the street in his dressing gown.

But he was in for a shock when he discovered that Tracy hadn't slept with another man – it was actually Paula.

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