Crap storyline revealed for dismayed Fiz and Tyrone in Corrie

Tyrone (Alan Halsall) and Fiz (Jennie McAlpine) finally tied the knot when they got married in a Christmas Day wedding in Coronation Street that was a bit unorthodox – mainly because Tyrone insisted on keeping it a secret from his bride-to-be until it was almost too late – but ended up being as loving and heartwarming as the pair deserved.

But if that day ended in a fairytale way, it’s not long before the couple are brought crashing back to earth by the realities of their everyday lives. In particular, troublesome daughter Hope (Isabella Flanagan).

When Hope gets upset because a tape she’s been listening to unspools, Tyrone is easily able to fix the problem. But as he plays the tape back, he and Fiz are horrified to hear the voice of John Stape (Graeme Hawley) – Fiz’s late husband, Hope’s father and one of Weatherfield’s most notorious serial killers.

Hope’s friend Sam (Jude Riordan) explains to the worried couple that Hope has been listening to the tape of her dad because she wants to get to know him.

Perhaps seeking to distract Hope’s mind from getting too fixated on her late father, Fiz and Tyrone decide it would be nice for the girls to have a pet. Tyrone takes the girls shopping and they return home with Cilla the chinchilla – an adorable bundle of fur that leaves Fiz absolutely unimpressed.

But the main thing is that Hope is obviously smitten by her new pet and it seems their plan of distraction has worked.

But later on, as they make the most of having the house to themselves for some ‘newlywed time,’ the romantic atmosphere is completely ruined by the most disgusting smell.

It seems Cilla the chinchilla has apparently got a few bowel issues…

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