Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 10 Premiere Recap — A 'Big Goodbye' Brings Big Trouble for Larry

The social assassin is back in action! Though Larry David may be fatwa-free in Sunday’s Season 10 premiere of Curb Your Enthusiasm, he certainly finds new ways to make himself a social pariah.

The new year is looking bright for Larry, but you know what that means — new rivals (Mocha Joe!), new arguments (Susie!) and a disastrous misunderstanding that spirals into madness.

We start strolling down the street with Larry and Leon as the two discuss their colors, and non-chalantly, Larry grabs a stranger’s selfie stick and snaps it in half. If we know Curb, that’ll deeefinitely come back to haunt him.

At the gym, Larry calls out an acquaintance for race-checking her “African-American” husband. “You like saying that, don’t you?” Minutes in and Larry’s just gonna Larry. He then tells the very-pregnant gym-buddy that she shouldn’t job on a treadmill because of the fetus inside her. Who’s cringing already? Never change, LD.

As the two walk down the street, Larry knocks over a line of scooters for absolutely no reason. (Is he extra curmudgeonly tonight?) As the two buds walk by Mocha Joe’s, Larry and Leon decide to grab a coffee. Larry is miffed by the softness of the scone because “scones are supposed to be hard.” “I’m not sure you quite know what a scone is, Mocha Joe,” says Larry. Shortly after, Larry brings a wobbly table to Joe’s attention. Then, Larry complains about the temperature of his coffee. Larry says it’s cold, but Joe’s patience is already dwindling. Larry dips his nose in it to prove that the coffee is cold. “Get out you old bald f–k!” Seven minutes in and Larry’s already been kicked out. That’s prettaaay, prettaaay perfect.

Larry’s next victim is his assistant. He can’t handle the fact that she won’t tell him the meaning of her tattoo. Then, he tries to clean his glasses on her shirt, which honestly, is weird, even for Larry.

At a dinner party, Richard Lewis decides to boycott Mocha Joe as a result of Larry’s run-in. A woman at the party mistakes Jeff for Harvey Weinstein and I am now dead. Recap over. Thanks for coming. I’m revived by Susie walking in the room with a silly hat that Larry immediately compares to Abraham Lincoln. “You don’t know sh-t!” says Susie, who asks Larry why he’s harassing her friend at the gym. “Fore score and seven years ago…” starts Larry. The man is on one hell of a roll.

Cheryl and Larry put on their old ventriloquist act for the party, which ends in an innocent kiss. When their set ends, Larry accidentally touches a server’s breast while trying to secure some pigs in a blanket. So, that’s also going to come back to bite him, right?

Larry goes to say so long to a guest at the party, but the guest accuses him of giving him a “Big Goodbye,” when you ignore a person at a party all night and then come over with a huge goodbye like you’re super happy to see someone. Larry then gets wrapped into lunch plans he really doesn’t want to uphold. “I can’t believe he knew about the Big Goodbye!” he confides to Cheryl. After he gives her a ride home, the two share another kiss and wind up in bed together. But of course, Larry finds another wobbly table in Cheryl’s bedroom, which is the first thing he wants to talk about post-coitus.

The next day, Susie’s suspicious of Larry’s nice-guy offer to drive Cheryl home, especially since Ted is out of town. Meanwhile, Jeff wants to avoid playing golf with a mutual acquaintance that’s a Trump supporter, which gives Larry an idea. He shows up to the lunch he doesn’t want to be at wearing a MAGA hat. The other party fakes a reason to exit almost immediately, which pleases Larry to no end. Larry uses the Trump hat again to scare folks away from some sushi bar seats.

Later, Larry sees Richard going into Mocha Joe’s, which forces Larry to accuse his friend of going against his boycott. “What are you my Jewish public master?” screams Richard. Larry is distracted when he sees Susie’s pregnant friend drinking coffee. He’s then upset that Richard’s coffee isn’t hot enough. He even gives it the nose-test. Joe then bans Larry for life. “Mark my words, Mocha Joe, and mark them well. I don’t know how and I don’t know when, but I will exact vengeance!”

The server from the party, Valerie, then calls Larry office and tells his assistant he molested her. She then shares his obsession with her tattoo. “And that’s just the beginning…” she tells the caterer.

Jeff asks Larry why he wore a MAGA hat in a sushi restaurant, so Larry starts explaining, but his assistant walks in while he says, “…you can grab ’em by the p–sy.” She then takes one look at Jeff and says, “You’re friends with that monster?” This mistaking-Jeff-for-Weinstein thing is gold. GOLD!

Larry goes back to Joe’s the next day and says he’s going to open a new joint with cheaper coffee and better beans! It’s going to be called Latte Larry’s!

After a hook-up goes wrong (Cheryl inhaled too much talcum powder when Larry put it down there), Cheryl winds up in the hospital. Susie finds the two in a hospital room and a ball goes off. Susie’s on to their secret fling. Ted is on his way up to visit Cheryl which causes Larry to flee out of the room and run BAM! straight into the pregnant woman. He knocks her on the ground as she curses his name.

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