Denise Welch passionately defends Meghan Markle in Loose Women row

Denise Welch defends Meghan Markle over feud with father

Loose Women ladies Ruth Langsford, Denise Welch, Janet Street-Porter and Kelle Bryan joined the panel on Tuesday afternoon, where they discussed Thomas Markle’s latest interview.

The Duchess of Sussex’s father claimed she had not called him in four years, and admitted speaking to 7News Spotlight would be his “final ever” interview.

He opened up about the stroke he had last year and expressed his disappointment Meghan did not reach out.

Discussing the interview on the programme and whether family ties could be put behind them, Ruth began: “That was an interview for an Australian programme, it did get us thinking about the pressure to give forgiveness to forgive, especially when it comes to family.”

Denise added to her point and said: “I know this is a broader talk, for the Markles but I just feel that I have to say this.

“For anybody watching that clip out of context, it would pull on the heartstrings of a father deserted by his daughter.

“All I feel is that Meghan Markle knows how despised she is, I am a Meghan Markle supporter and have been for a long long time.

“But she is despised by a lot of the British press and the American press, it would be very very easy to go and visit her father, have a photo and so much of the world would go ‘Oh my God, she’s made peace with him. She’s amazing, she is marvellous.’

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“She doesn’t do that for the simple reason that there is more that goes on there than we know about.”

Ruth interjected and pointed out: “Well you think, you don’t know, do we?” however Denise was adamant with her point and continued: “Why on earth would she allow to be so demonised?

“Why would she? The fact is, she has these two other children, there is a very suspect photograph of the guy doing an impression of his sister.

“Can I also just say Samantha Markle didn’t see her own father for 30 years…”

Ruth brought the conversation back into focus as she cut in: “But let’s take it back though to that, and the thing that people do judge don’t they and it’s that blood is thicker than water expression.

“And actually, I have a very close relationship with my family so whenever I see anything about a family fallout or a feud my immediate reaction is sadness.

“But actually, we don’t know what has gone on in a lot of these cases, and should you always forgive because it’s family,” before handing the conversation over to Kelle.

Loose Women airs weekdays from 12:30pm on ITV.

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