Dermot steps in as vaccine row erupts on This Morning ‘You’re saying let weak people die’

This Morning: Dermot interrupts clashing guests

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Matthew Wright and Beverley Turned joined Dermot O’Leary and Alison Hammond on This Morning to discuss the latest headlines. One of the topics up for debate was vaccine passports and the guests had very different opinions on whether they should be required to go into pubs and restaurants. Things got so heated Dermot had to step in to cool things down.

Beverley began: “Matthew you can shake you head in your hands but unless you can tell me why what the evidence base is for this app, for this technological invasion into our lives, it is illogical.”

“Come on, the one thing that Beverley has completely missed out, a lot of what she has said I agree with but here’s what she missed out,” Matthew replied.

“The virus can mutate if the virus exits within a community. Later on we’re going to hear children are the number one area where the virus is flourishing at the minute. In India they now have a potential double mutation.

“When we have people mixing, vaccinated or not, but when the two groups come together there is a chance we increase the chance of mutation.

“That’s the reason why despite the fact I have had the jab and many other people have had the jab and the death rates are on the decline, the hospital admissions are on the decline, that is the reason why the government still has concerns.

“So that’s the reason we need passports, potentially, I think what we’ve really got is a lack of leadership. Boris basically said ‘Oh well we can leave it to the hostility industry blah blah blah, they can decide.’

“Actually what we need is one clear line of instruction to help the hospitality industry which I think has suffered more than most.”

Dermot noted: “It’s a hard one isn’t it because I was watching this yesterday because it seems the hospitality industry is split down the middle.

“For theatre, this could be a really good idea because you can’t social distance in a theatre and they need a full house to turn over a profit but some pubs are sceptical about it.”

“One of the big plusses for me is that with vaccine passports, and again, I do share some of Beverley’s concerns about state control and all of that but with vaccine passports, we can potentially get rid of social distancing and all the stuff we’ve had in the past,” Matthew replied.

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“That’s the way forward and for me I think it would benefit the hospitality industry far more than just reducing all the restrictions we had in the past.”

Beverley interrupted: “We can do that anyway Matthew! We can do that anyway. If we have vaccinated the most vulnerable, we are talking about this wave from Europe that’s going to come over here with mutations, the wave in Europe is the Kent virus, we gave that to them.

“We don’t need to worry about it coming back here to reinfect us.

“We should have allowed all of the young people last summer to build a herd immunity so that they would be protected now.”

“Herd immunity without vaccination is the strongest survive,” Matthew shouted.

“You are literally saying, ‘Let weak people die.’”

Beverley snapped back: “We have vaccination! We have vaccination!”

“This is one of those moments where I really wish you were both on the couch so we could interrupt,” Dermot said stepping in to cool things down.

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