Dr Dre denies ex Nicole Young's 'appalling' abuse claims and says she's trying to squeeze money from him in $1BN divorce

DR Dre has slammed his estranged wife Nicole Young's "appalling" abuse claims against him amid their nasty divorce battle.

Nicole, 51, accused the rapper, 56, of "knocking her out cold" in a "drunken rage" while filing an unsuccessful application for a restraining order.

Dre filed new documents on Wednesday shutting down Nicole's allegations, TMZ reported.

The Beats By Dre founder allegedly claimed that Nicole didn't make her accusations until after the divorce filing as she realized the prenup would prevent her from aiming for half of his fortune.

He alleged that she was trying to squeeze money out of him in their $1billion divorce, the outlet claimed.

He also denied her claims that he had abused her even before they got married – including the night of their wedding – and that he forced her to sign the prenup.

Last month, Nicole's requested to file a restraining order against Dre after detailing a series of alleged abusive fights between them.

In one shocking allegation, according to the court documents, the mother-of-two claimed that during an argument with Dre, he punched her "squarely in the face" knocking her out "out cold."

She further claimed that in 1999, not long after the birth of their second child: "Andre felt l 'disrespected' him while he was at a party."

"He pulled me away and punched me squarely in the face, knocking me out cold."

She continued: "I woke up in the passenger seat of our car, without a seatbelt and with Andre speeding at over 100 miles per hour on the 118 freeway."

"Andre was drunk and out of control. He was swerving and weaving, screaming at me. l was terrified that Andre would crash into the center divider."

She further claimed: "He threw my planner which contained photographs of our young children out the car window. l begged him to stop or slow down the entire time we were in the car. l thought l was going to die in the car that night."

Nicole also claimed that in an earlier incident, which allegedly happened in 1995: "In September 1995, during an argument in which Andre accused me of being ungrateful for the life he was providing me‚ decided to leave him and move out of his house.

"As I was packing up my things, Andre, who was drunk and irate that I was standing up to him, grabbed me by my neck, Iifted me off the door, and slammed me up against a wall."

The mother of Dre's children further claimed: "In 2012, while we were at our Malibu home, Andre raged at me because he believed I 'disrespected' him. He threw me onto the pool table and, once again, held a gun to my head.

"I was terrified that he was going to kill me. I kept looking outside our window, praying that someone would see what was happening and call the police. I apologized over and over again for 'disrespecting' him and begged him to let me go. He was so drunk and angry, I did not know what he was going to do."

The court denied her request for a restraining order against her estranged husband and the exes will now be forced to face each other in open court as they settle their divorce.

As previously revealed, Nicole claimed she was getting threatening messages from Dr. Dre and asked the court to order him to stay away from her.

However, Dre hit back with an opposition and claimed that he hasn't seen his ex-wife in a long time and that there's no need for a restraining order.

When she filed for divorce, Nicole revealed that there were instances in 2000 and 20001 where Dre "held a gun to my head" and that in 1999 and 20000, he "punched me in the head/face."

Dre claimed Nicole actually visited him in the hospital when he suffered a brain aneurysm.

Dre was rushed to the hospital in January and placed in intensive care after suffering a brain aneurysm.

Following the news, Dre broke his silence and said he would be "back home soon."

Dre and Nicole married in 1995 and revealed they were divorcing in June 2020 with Nicole citing irreconcilable differences as the reason behind the split.

Back in September 2020, it was reported that Nicole was seeking $2million a month in spousal support.

It was also reported that Nicole accused the producer of hiding valuable assets after they split, such as trademarks for his stage name and "The Chronic" album.

Dre hit back and accused her of siphoning funds from a joint account, while Nicole has also filed a motion asking for access to their home amid suspicions of a mistress.

She was also granted one-time payment of $2 million for temporary spousal support.

The former couple share two kids together: Truice, born 1997, and Truly, born 2001. Dre has six kids – four daughters and two sons – with five different women.

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