Dr Hilary warns new Covid variant could send UK back to square one amid 45,000 new cases

Dr Hilary says we must 'build up immunity to colds'

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Dr Hilary Jones has told Good Morning Britain presenter Susanna Reid that rising numbers of Coronavirus cases and virus-related deaths have him worried.  Sunday saw 45,140 new Covid cases recorded in the UK, more than three times the amount that was reported on the same day last year. Dr Hilary warned that the health situation is vulnerable and just one new variant one be enough to send Britain “back to square one.”

Dr Hilary told GMB: “If you look at the prevalence the highest rate is amongst the 12 to 15-year-old age group, so it’s the return to schools, which is largely created cases and we put a policy of only vaccinating this age group in schools as opposed to what they do in Scotland, and we’ve only got 14 percent of that age group, jabbed at the moment so there’s a big job to be done with the vaccine rollout in 12 to 15-year-olds because that’s where many of these cases are found.”

Ms Reid added: “That age group is only vaccinated once which presumably offers some protection, but not the whole protection, or the better protection that adults would get.”

Dr Hilary added: “The double jab much greater antibody response and it lasts longer as well so that’s something that probably will need to be looked at. One worrying factor is the number of deaths have gone up now, we don’t see those deaths in that younger age group.

“So, we are seeing these large numbers of cases being translated into infections in older people and more vulnerable people have asked what’s leading to greater numbers of hospitalizations again, and loss of life. And that’s a concern to me as. All it needs is a variant to come along with mutations and we’re back to square one.”


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