Duncan James ‘prays Sarah Harding will be ok’ after her cancer diagnosis and recommended alternative therapy

DUNCAN James ‘prays Sarah Harding will be ok’ after her cancer diagnosis – and recommended a 'miracle worker' in alternative therapy.

The Girls Aloud singer revealed she had been diagnosed with breast cancer in August last year, before adding how it had sadly spread to other parts of her body.

Sarah then revealed in her autobiography that doctors had told her it was unlikely she would still be alive this Christmas.

Now fellow pop star Duncan, who is a member of Blue, has revealed how he personally reached out to Sarah, 39, to offer her support.

Duncan, 43, told OK! Magazine: "I really wanted her to get as much help as possible.

"I was so sad to hear about her being diagnosed with cancer and I hope and pray she’s going to be OK."

Duncan also recommended a health expert in case she needed any extra support or advice.

He continued: “When I heard about her cancer, I reached out to her straight away and I’ve put her in touch with what I call ‘a miracle worker’, who helps people with alternative therapies.

“I said, ‘Sarah, speak to this person, he’s amazing.’”

While Duncan didn't reveal if Sarah had contacted the 'miracle worker', he was full of praise for the star and her decision to tell her story in her book, Hear Me Out.

He said: "She’s written this book and I think she’s really been blown away by all the support she’s had.”

In the book, Sarah said she is trying to stay positive and wrote: "I am having a glass of wine or two during all this, because it helps me relax.

"I'm at a stage now where I don't know how many months I have left. Who knows, maybe I'll surprise everyone, but that's how I'm looking at things."

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