Eamonn Holmes was in such 'crippling pain' he 'couldn't look after himself' without Ruth Langsford

EAMONN Holmes has revealed he was in such “crippling pain” he couldn’t look after himself and was forced to turn to wife Ruth Langsford to get through.

The 61-year-old has been in agony for weeks after dislocating his pelvis which led to his back being out of alignment, but he is now slowly on the mend.

The This Morning host has been very open about his struggle and has now admitted just how much he had to rely on Ruth, also 61, and how it taught him to be less judgemental.

He told the Daily Star: “Not being able to bend down, reach, pick up things when I drop them, put things in the right place, and keep a sense of order has been frustrating, shameful and humbling.

“Without help, without Ruth, I wouldn’t be able to cook or clean up after myself.

“Dishes would be in the sink for days, because I just wouldn’t have the strength or motivation to keep the house as close to a ‘show house’ as I could.”

He added:“I’ve learned there are reasons why some people can’t keep impossible standards with bodies that don’t work the way they should – cleaning is a tough job.”

Eamonn first told viewers about his chronic pain in March before going for an MRI scan and further tests to discover the cause.

Eamonn has been alleviating his pain as best he can with physiotherapy and "invigorating" ice cold showers.

Viewers saw his health struggles earlier this month when he went missing from This Morning after pain in his back delayed him in the advert break.

The presenter – who bravely returned to the ITV daytime show despite his health woes – was unable to make it back from the loo in time.

He returned moments later with a walking stick to do a phone-in about chronic pain sufferers.

The star has now seen the light at the end of the tunnel and told his fans this week that “the comeback starts here”.

"My Physio has just left , and u know what ? For the first time in 5 weeks I feel good ! Can't believe I'm saying that but steroid injections from last week must be kicking in too. The comeback starts here …….. I hope," he wrote.

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