EastEnders fans all have the same complaint during Gray Atkins fire rescue scenes

EASTENDERS fans were distracted and left complaining as Gray Atkins did the unthinkable in a huge fire rescue twist. 

Kheerat became convinced that Gray had murdered Chantelle after her death last December but failed to prove it without any evidence. 

Last night’s episode saw Kheerat taunt Gray by leaving a bunch of flowers on his doorstep on the anniversary of Chantelle’s death.

After Whitney admitted that she had seen Kheerat lingering there before, Gray confronted Kheerat in the Square, hurling the flowers at him.

Gray fell silent when they saw smoke billowing from Phil’s house and stumbled upon a terrified Scarlett, who admitted that Tommy and Janine were inside.

The pair bravely ventured inside and up the stairs, but Kheerat was soon knocked unconscious by an explosion.

As crowds gathered outside, Gray helped Janine get out of a window before heading back for Kheerat. 

The killer found Kheerat lying on the floor and debated whether to leave him there or not.

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Eventually, Gray came out of the house holding Kheerat up as Whitney and Suki hailed him a hero.

However the dramatic moment had fans distracted with the music – Florence and the Machine's Shake It Out – playing over it.

One fan said: "Sorry but what's the suppose to make us like [Gray] with that music?? He isn't a hero. #EastEnders ".

Another fan added: "Why the crammy music with gray carrying [Kheerat]? Are the producers trying to make him a hero, and what's with the [Whitney] – Gray gaze? #EastEnders"

A third chimed in: "I'mma be real with cha! The whole episode was great…until the blasted music played. What were they thinking with that choice of song!?!?!? And whilst showing Kheerat and Gray (mainly)? Painful, it was almost so nearly there #EastEnders "

Elsewhere tonight, Linda gave birth to a baby girl after admitting to Jack that the father is Max Branning.

She begged Jack to keep her secret and let her and Mick bring up the child.

But will Jack keep shtum?

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