EastEnders fans ‘disappointed’ over ‘negativity’ in Ruby’s endometriosis plot

EastEnders viewers were left 'disappointed' over a twist in Ruby Allen's endometriosis storyline.

The character found out tonight that she might have the condition, which could affect her fertility.

Ruby recently suffered a miscarriage on the soap and was heartbroken tonight when she discovered that it may have been her only chance to become a mother.

She was left so devastated, that she decided not to withdraw her statement to stop Stacey from going to prison.

Stacey was left in turmoil at the thought of facing a prison sentence in upsetting scenes.

While fans praised the episode for raising awareness for endometriosis, some viewers said they were disappointed with the 'negative narrative' that came with the storyline.

One viewer tweeted: "For the first time a HUGE media outlet is talking about #endometriosis yet have shadowed any knowledge, empathy or understanding of it within a negative narrative.

"It is disappointing and exhausting but unsurprising for women and the reality of their health."

While another penned: "So glad EastEnders are doing an endometriosis storyline but they have completely ruined it already with the villain edit of Ruby's character using it as a revenge ploy for Stacey. People won't feel sorry for her/take the condition seriously."

"Shame the #endometriosis angle is gonna be completely overlooked due to the manipulative woman it effects… Not a good call #Eastenders," added a third.

A fourth typed: "It's amazing that EastEnders are tackling important issues like miscarriage and endometriosis … but I feel like they've given it to such an unlikeable character so I am not feeling the feels I should be!"

Daily Star has contacted a representative for EastEnders for comment.

EastEnders have been working closely with Endometriosis UK throughout the storyline which will continue to unfold in future episodes.

Endometriosis is a chronic condition that can lead to pelvic pain, bowel and bladder related problems, painful irregular periods, painful sex, depression and infertility.

The condition is often debilitating and affects 1.5 million women in the UK (1 in 10 women) from puberty to menopause.

Many fans praised the soap for including endometriosis in the programme.

One said: "@bbceastenders thank you so much for raising awareness of Endometriosis! As someone who has been diagnosed with PCOS this will help thousands of women who might not know they have either one. Thank you! You'll help so many women".

Another wrote: "So glad #EastEnders are covering #endometriosis people need to start understanding how serious it is."

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